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  1. What web site is this? i used to go to the PTZTV site and watch the port and I could click to see the little icons of the ships and zoom in to see their names. I guess I didn’t visit often enough lately because I can’t do that any more. There are 5 ships docked at PC, and I watched Harmony sailing out at 3:15. Can’t get the names of the others.
  2. I’m amazed by the number of posters who take the time to belittle RCI. I would expect them to find a cruise line that is charitable enough for them. RCI announced their aid before the tide went out. That didn’t mean they weren’t going to give further help. That dollar amount was before the damage was even assessed. I’m proud of the fact that they jumped right in. RCI has to consider shareholders when making monetary decisions. The aid given to the victims of natural disasters would rise to pretty high proportions if added up. Snarky remarks should be an embarrassm
  3. Are they going to rename Harmony The Flying Dutchman? or maybe Gypsy of the Seas?
  4. Jacksonville is finally getting gusty and intermittently rainy. Whoever first posted on Facebook that waiting for a hurricane is like being stalked by a turtle is so right!
  5. The media here in Jax is predicting astronomically high tides. It was a shock back then to see four blocks of downtown under water along with neighborhoods along the river. We’re really hoping it won’t happen again.
  6. Matthew is the one that flooded a lot of Jacksonville for the first time ever. Our DD and SIL’s beach house had four feet of water standing in it. It did an enormous amount of water damage that was totally unexpected. There’s no possible good scenario.
  7. I’m glad you’re waiting comfortably. We in Florida are getting a trifle antsy!
  8. Years ago we watched a cab pull up. The driver walked around to the passenger door on the other side. He pulled a guy out and dropped him. Got in his cab and left. Hopefully the guy had prepaid. We watched him try to get on his hands and knees several times. After watching him for a while, the guys working the gangway walked over, grabbed him by the arms and dragged him to the foot of the gangway. They conferred for a few minutes, then used a walkie talkie and a staff member or security came down and went through the guy’s pockets. Then they dragged him onboard.
  9. 82 Queen on Queen St makes shrimp and grits so good it’s hard not to do a second order on the spot. Pure heaven!
  10. Good luck if Dorian comes to visit. I hope you have hurricane shutters, though I’d be the one on the balcony watching. A friend just texted me she’s been to our 4 neighborhood Publixes here in Jax and the water aisles are stripped clean. Ditto for batteries and bread....she said even the Little Debbie stuff is gone i’ll bet There are people who still have gallon jugs of water from last year but are afraid to drink it because it’s expired. Thank you, John for a lovely cruise experience and I’m looking forward to the next one.
  11. I read that now you can’t just pick them up, you have to ask for a bag. Probably because of the people who would carry off as many as they could, maybe for school lunches.
  12. Thanks, John. Sometimes I can manage two blocks, but more often, I can’t. I have a Rollator, but it can be a PITA to get through the door and to find a place to keep it without having to climb over it.
  13. Do you remember if Costa Maya, Roatan, or Cozumel had trams from the gangway to the land end of the dock?
  14. I don’t know how you can stand to leave her! She is so darn adorable!
  15. Seeing the Cocoa Beach Air Force reminds me of an inaugural cruise we took in the late 80’s. We were accompanied out to sea by the Cocoa Beach Yacht Club. There was a fire boat or two spraying water, a few yachts, shrimp trawlers, speedboats, a few canoes and kayaks and a couple of guys rowing rowboats as fast as they could. I wish I had thought to take pictures but we were all enthralled by the best sailaway ever!
  16. I had said in a much earlier post I would bring 12 and order some through the Cruise Planner. I didn’t notice it was Evian. I guess I’ll definitely without. That and Perrier both hit my taste buds wrong.
  17. Yours didn’t look very good. Grits that aren’t thick and not able to be piled up are really good. Hot off the stove with butter, salt and pepper, yum! Remember it’s ground corn, so no sugar or syrup! I had poutine a couple of days ago, and if I judged all poutine by what I had, I wouldn’t have liked it. It all depends on the cook!
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