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  1. We had already bought our plane tickets to Paris years ago...’86 maybe? and suddenly France required Americans to have visas issued. It didn't last more than a year. Requirements sure do change!
  2. I have always read and heard that a passport trumps all other forms of identification. I’m shocked that it would need anything to supplement it.
  3. Lovely! if a light goes on in the middle of the night, my brain says the kids are up to something and the adrenaline flows. By the time I remember they have adult children of their own, I’m wide awake.
  4. Oops! My bad. I meant to say Jr Suites (which we have) and standard balcony cabins (which my DD has) in case a night light in the bathroom was inly a perk for certain categories. Actually, looking back I did say “standard balcony cabins”, but I wasn’t clear enough.
  5. The comment I read was referring to battery operated tea lights in cruise ship bathrooms. Specifically that newer ships have night lights in the bathrooms so no need for tea lights.
  6. John, I just started bringing tea lights for bathroom night lights. Really made a difference on Crown Princess not to have the light on at 3am. Now I just read there is a night light so no need for tea lights. I don’t want to have to spend a dollar for them if I don’t need to! I know you’re in a suite, but can you tell me if Jr Suites have a night light in the bathroom? standard balcony cabins? Anybody??
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