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  1. Great to know that someone who tends to find fault really likes Coco Cay. I hope there are more fans than naysayers.
  2. My DH would be so happy if I would eat dinner in WJ just once! I think he cruises just for Windjammer and Horizon Court.
  3. I’d love to know what is served on Mongolian night in WJ. I don’t normally eat there, but I haven’t had Mongolian BBQ since the last one in Jax closed.
  4. My original luggage tag holders have thick plastic loops instead of metal rings. Never have had a problem with them. I have the ones with plastic rings, too, and two of them on different cruises got the rings twisted badly.
  5. Me too. Twice I’ve only had one left when our luggage was delivered.
  6. I keep an old Blockbuster card with our passports. That way I don’t forget to bring it. We pull it part way up when we leave the room and push it back down when we come back. For anyone that hasn’t had this system, it only turns off the lights. AC stays on, and outlets still get power.
  7. I ate breakfast at Wipeout a lot on Oasis. Good omelets!
  8. Noooo😒 i was looking forward to my potato chips with my sandwich. Maybe they got tired of people taking half a dozen bags at a time.
  9. OK. I think I answered my own question. The crown and anchor one must be the most current.
  10. Well, shoot. I clicked on it a while ago and there was list of ships to use it on. Harmony was there! so what app now?
  11. Royal IQ? That one will work on board. I have that, and one that just says Royal. If I click on that I get the crown and anchor with water behind it. Then it is gone again. Maybe no good on shore or maybe old and just dead.
  12. RCI has menus on the tv, right? I don’t want to miss any of the good stuff. Love shellfish and beef. Good chicken Parm is on my list, too. On Serenade last year I asked why they dropped the savoury rolls. To my surprise I had a plate full at my place every night after that. Any kind of roll on a cruise ship is heavenly to me.
  13. I love lobster. He does too, but he’s really a fan of lamb maybe if I get him there the first night for the filet and he likes it, he’ll keep coming back!
  14. And Port Canaveral is called Orlando, which has people thinking Orlando has a beach. One gentleman said Florida is a very thin state. Orlando has the Gulf of Mexico on one side and the Atlantic Ocean in the other. Cruise lines are rewriting geography!
  15. I have to lay a guilt trip on DH so he’ll eat dinner in the MDR with me instead of his beloved WJ. I booked a junior suite for the room, as we usually get mini suites when we sail on Princess. Royal’s balcony cabins are bigger than Princess’s, and one would have worked, but I wanted the hump. I hope I can get him into Coastal Kitchen and that he’ll be happy with the food, at least a couple of times.
  16. I am a very light sleeper and am wide awake when there is any kind of sound near me. I heard the footsteps in the cabin in Maine long before I had a cell phone. I did wake my husband up, but as soon as I spoke, the footsteps stopped. Those footsteps approached, step by step. They just never arrived. Because they stopped when I woke him up, my husband didn’t believe I really heard anything. After he got tired of my waking him up, he moved to the other bedroom. That’s when he heard them and got up to look and then check to be sure the doors were locked. Squirr
  17. It just appeared for my Harmony March 20 sailing. Price, per person: a whopping $37.99 per day!
  18. Glad you were able to find a replacement. We’ve been lucky. Knock wood🤞
  19. I started cruising on the 4th sailing of Premier Cruise Line. Early April 1984. Did a ton of Premier because I was working and didn’t have time for long cruises. Then I started trying them all out and got to Princess in 1996. Sky was moving to Asia and we hit a 12 day Alaska Vancouver Vancouver. That was a great cruise because we were able to visit Seward and see the Kenai peninsula by boat, Valdez, and every one of the Inside Passage ports. Lucky us!!
  20. Yeah, since there’s now a Mardi Gras and Princess built a new version of my first on Princess, Sky Princess. HAL does the most name reusing, though.
  21. Things may have changed recently, I don’t know, but the last I knew, you still had to sign up to be a C&A member. It’s not automatic like other cruise lines. I would follow the suggestion, sign up and then see if they can find your other sailing. The benefits aren’t great at first, but even after one sailing you get invited to the past passenger party. When you get to Platinum you get to board ahead of the lower levels and usually receive a discount if you book a balcony or above. If your other sailing wasn’t too long ago, maybe a confirmation is buried in your emai
  22. That’s funny, because my first thought was Nieuw Amsterdam, the ship, which would have been an odd segue!
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