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  1. I told a port employee we had Mobile Pasports and we were directed to a line with one person in it. You need to have your passport open to show and that’s it. Very quick. Hell! i don’t know where the underline cane from or how to get rid of it!!
  2. We love Park N Go in Ft Lauderdale. I don’t think anyone could beat them. I booked Park Port Canaveral after one of our CC members gave me the promo code. I got the 7.95 rate. I’d rather be in a lot with a shuttle than trek to our car in a terminal. If you’re in good shape mobility wise, I can see using the terminal.
  3. That works, and I went ahead and reserved for next March. I doubt it would go lower, and would more likely go higher.
  4. I can’t eat or even touch kiwi or papaya, but latex gloves don’t bother me. Evidently for me it’s not the latex in kiwi. I have never asked my doctor what, exactly, I’m allergic to they contain. I just don’t eat mixed fruit that contains either of them. So far that’s worked.
  5. Having to take a ship to Europe for repairs because of a scarcity of dry docks in the US is a sad commentary on our shipbuilding and repair industry. And why is that? Because our merchant fleet has shrunk so much there is no need for the facilities any more.
  6. Where do you get the promo code? i don’t see it anywhere, and without it it’s $10.95
  7. Congratulations and enjoy. We sail in March for the first time as Emerald, and I’m not expecting it to be different from Platinum except for, I think, a couple of cookies and two bottles of water? i’m happy to have moved up a tier, and would love a jump to Diamond. If anyone at RCI is watching, that’s a hint!!
  8. Can’t wait to hear how your excursion went. Sometimes straying from the usual can be a mistake and sometimes it can be a glorious never to be forgotten success.
  9. Princess always has one MDR open for lunch on embarkation day. Open to any guest that can find it!
  10. We had $950 from TA, $550 from Princess and $100 military. Received a check about two weeks after the cruise for almost $900. Told DH about $500 of it. The rest is in the kitty for our next cruise. Yes, they do use nonrefundable first. Military OBC is refundable. No limit on how much refund you get.
  11. The description for JS sounds like comfortable beds. I hope that’s not false advertising!
  12. I miss Havensight. Doesn’t matter if we are on Princess or Royal, we get stuck out at Crown Bay.
  13. This explains a lot. On Serenade I was facing the steps. Every night, as we were in the middle or at the end of our early traditional dinner, we would see people coming down the steps to our dining room. We wondered why so many were coming so late. The light bulb is now over my head and it is glowing! Thank you!!
  14. dude_hdt: jumping back to the beginning, which Titusville hotel did you stay in, and was it in good shape? Thanks.
  15. Until I saw Jaws, I would swim in the ocean day or night. As teens, we often skinny dipped at night. We never worried about sharks or even thought about them. Jaws scared me away from being comfortable, but I’m the one that changed, not the sharks.
  16. We’ve been Platinum on Princess and RCI forever because we alternate them. It’s been a good level to be on, and then we hit Emerald on RCI with our last cruise. I think it’s easier to move up levels on RCI.
  17. The hospital issued birth certificate wasn’t even acceptable 30 years ago. It’s basically a souvenir.
  18. If the shuttle takes you to the Festival Building, you just walk across it and out the other side. Rawson Square is right there, with a covered hair braiding place and your tour should be on the other side of the square. The absolute worst part is from the gangway, the length of the wharf you’re docked at, and then the long part to shore. The shuttle would really be a blessing. The wharf looks like the letter E, and it’s a long walk even if you’re at the middle of the E. My ship always manages to be at the farthest wharf. Can your friend use a Rollator? If she
  19. Surely OP received a confirmation while he was in the phone with the cruise line. Even if the confirmation didn’t arrive immediately, cancellations don’t start until after 5pm on final payment date. The confirmation would show the removal of the insurance. If OP was actually on the line and said to remove it and didn’t request a confirmation showing that it was done, I would say it’s on him. It’s just hard for me to understand that the agent on the phone would say the insurance was removed when it wasn’t. Knowing that the client could see a confirmation and know it wasn’t rem
  20. Your birth certificate is good for your lifetime, but your new passport will probably arrive before you finish packing.
  21. Are you saying you still put water in a duffel bag, check it, and it still gets to your cabin? That’s how we always did it and it was great. The less ship’s water I drink the less my feet and ankles swell. That is a time tested fact.
  22. If you noticed the Vacation Protection Plan included, surely you would request its removal. If you paid everything less the insurance amount there would be a conversation regarding the nonpayment. At that time the insurance would be removed. No cancellation.
  23. Thank you. Even back when I had a pretty good brain I would never had come up with that!
  24. I’ve stayed at the Cavendish. It’s on Jermyn St a block or so off Piccadilly. Very convenient to Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square. Easy walking to Green Park, St James’s Park and Buckingham Palace. We were totally safe, and centrally located. Mover the years we’ve stayed at quite a few other hotels, including the Grosvenor on Park Lane which is great but pricey, and the Tara in Kensington, used for American tour groups and usually has good rates, comfortable, and short walk to the Underground.
  25. I remember reading that, now. Thanks for reminding me!!
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