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  1. I am glad RCI offers it. If anyone would know, it would be Bob. Jacksonville is a good place to live. Maybe you’ll get here to visit your in-laws.
  2. I’m hoping to get DH to try it. I’m thinking, thought, that there’s a different feel to the menu, and also that it has fewer choices. Is the menu for each night posted?
  3. We had one in a balcony cabin on Serenade, and I was hoping for one in a Junior Suite on Harmony. I have looked carefully at multiple videos and have not seen one on Harmony in any category below full suites. That curtain is not just for changing. It’s great if someone wants to sleep or read while another watches tv.
  4. It’s good to know a Burial at Sea can be arranged. Grace, your cruise will be a sad/happy occasion, and a beautiful farewell. Best wishes for the future.
  5. We love Princess, but the entertainment on Oasis class RCI ships have got us alternating cruise lines. We just need a fix every other year. The prices are pretty similar. I don't know anything about Carnival’s entertainment, but I can’t believe it would be able to compete with Harmony’s.
  6. Thanks for the info. One if the posters said Lots of Honor was permanently closed. 528Portcruise Parking has a good price. Has anyone used them lately?
  7. I asked my DH about the Headliner show. He said sometimes he stays and sometimes he goes and watches people gamble. I guess you take your chances whether it will be entertaining.
  8. I wish there was more up to date info. Almost all of this is more than 6 months old and older.
  9. Thanks for the help. Hopefully if they have it, she’ll find it.
  10. No Escape Room in the Planner for Harmony Nov 10 sailing. How is it advertised on the ship? Any place to check on it?
  11. My 27 year old granddaughter loves Escape Rooms. She and her posse have done them in several cities. My daughter is cruising with three other couples and I think they’d love it.
  12. Thanks. There are 4 couples going, and I know zip about the Escape Room, like how many can do it. I’ll tell her to keep checking.
  13. She had already booked the others. I told her to check out the Escape Room. That’s new to me. I presume it’s in the Cruise Planner, but my Harmony isn’t till March. Hers is Nov 10, so the entertainment was released a little early.
  14. Well, I know even less about the Headliner show than I thought! i stay up for the Aqua shows, Ice Show and Broadway show if it’s not Cats. Looks like I need to add one more!
  15. That’s the answer to the question. I had told her if it was the same show she wouldn’t be able to reserve it more than once. I presume it’s singing and dancing? A revue type show?
  16. Because I don’t go to the Headliner show, I’m abysmally ignorant. So asking for my daughter: She’s in Cruise Planner making res for shows and asked if the Headliner show is the same every time on a cruise or if it changes, on the same cruise. If it’s the same, she’ll make a res for one night. Otherwise, a res for every night it shows. Help! She thinks I know everything!
  17. My answer to that is So? the songs are wonderful, the plot, such as it is, is fun, and one walks out with a big smile. That’s what I call entertainment!
  18. The problem with Les Mis is that my tears start as soon as the orchestra starts the overture.
  19. If the Junior Suites get select seating at shows, I’ll skip The Key. Especially if it has gone up to $29.99. But I think it has to be a full suite to get that benefit.
  20. I’d buy Brilliance, but I’d need a bigger bathtub.
  21. I’m enjoying your cruise through your eyes. We have to wait till March 29, so reviews help with the anticipation.
  22. To give people something else to worry about, I was washing my hands in a public restroom when a stall door opened and in the mirror I saw a woman lift her foot up and place it on the flush handle to flush. Made me gag. When I mentioned it to friends later, two of them said that’s what they do. Their reason for transferring germs from the bottom of their shoes onto the flush handle was not getting other people’s germs from their hands onto theirs. I told them I avoided that problem by washing my hands thoroughly after flushing. I find their actions disgusting and
  23. I called my big box today and asked for a supervisor. She called Royal and got it straightened out. My big box agent was not at fault, it was at Royal’s end and now it’s fixed. Yay! DH says now I can find something else to worry about!
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