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  1. Help me understand you. You only object to fat, disgusting people with sweaty rears or middle aged people with corns sleeping on public couches? or do you think those are the only type people who get sleepy at sea other than at bedtime? i guess it’s ok for slender people who don’t sweat or have corns.
  2. Thanks, Coralc, you actually responded to my original post. I intend to call the insurance company tomorrow to see why the discrepancy between what RCI says and what the insurance company requires exists. That’s what’s bugging me. Makes no sense.
  3. It’s because of the 60 day look back. If you pay for the coverage a month before final and put in a claim later, they will look back 60 days and if the illness that causes the claim caused you to go to the doctor for a diagnosis or meds change during the 60 days before you paid the premium, that illness will not be an allowed reason for a claim. When you’re in your 80’s, any chronic illness can get worse, or your AFib, like mine did, break through your meds necessitating a dosage increase. Insurance companies are very vigilant about pre-existing illnesses.
  4. I called everyone before our last cruise. Premiums are based on age and we’re 85 and 83. Also, I booked a month ago, and just decided to do the insurance. We normally don’t do it for short cruises like 7 days, but I’m going to my 4th funeral in 3 weeks tomorrow. Feeling mortal!
  5. True, Princess’s doesn’t cover enough, either. It’s only a 7 day Western Caribbean, so I’m not going to worry about it. I just want to have trip cancellation and minor illness aboard ship covered at a reasonable premium.
  6. Royal said it just subtracts from the balance. They can’t apply it to the protection plan. I will call Aon Hewitt Monday.
  7. At this time there are no pre-existing illness within the 60 day look back period. Nothing to be waived.
  8. Because of our advanced age, the only reasonable premium for us is the policy offered by Royal. I added a travel Protection today because I don’t want something to pop up that would then be a ore-existing illness. Right now we’re reasonably healthy. Who knows what will happen between now and final payment. I paid the premium today so we’d be covered, but was told it doesn’t specifically pay the protection plan premium, just subtracts from our final payment balance. When I read the details from Aon Hewitt it says specifically the coverage doesn’t start till premium
  9. My Kindle is always with me, too. If I arrive somewhere too early, I read. Stuck in the chilly examining room, I read. I don't mind lunching in a restaurant by myself, because, oh joy! I can enjoy my meal and read, too. We always ask for a large table on cruises and have always had great luck with table mates. Breakfast and lunch, DH loves Windjammer and I don’t, so I vary my lunch places. Sorrentos with my Kindle, MDR usually with others because I never thought about a solo table, and my balcony with a Park Place roast beef with double meat and a bag of pot
  10. Best of both worlds: Yummy tutti salad and a good book! i never thought of asking for a solo table in the MDR for lunch but you’ve inspired me!🤗
  11. I believe the OP meant install a new show. I seems like Cats has run forever.
  12. The sad thing about the second half being better is that I can never make it past intermission. I’ve tried several times in several theaters, but half is all I can do.
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