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  1. I’m definitely old. I remember all of them, and just today I found a photo of myself with our skimpy looking Christmas tree covered with icicles looking exactly like the one pictured. Exactly!
  2. I need a cruise. Right now a rowboat would help. If I don’t have to row, and someone makes me a rum drink.
  3. Tallahassee? You must not have made it farther south.
  4. Short. And just like with the crossing the river riddle, I’m a day late to CC.
  5. Mom will be happy she doesn’t have to risk infection from the gas nozzle
  6. Thanks to COVID19, dry dock and amplification will be delayed.
  7. Sadly, few of us can do the doc dance any more. I remember practically haunting the mail box waiting for those precious dox
  8. I wonder if their landscaper has a day available.
  9. I enjoy reading your jokes. I think anything that makes people smile, chuckle or belly laugh belongs on this thread. As long as it’s not mean spirited or downright obscene, bring it on!
  10. I have probably seen every one of those spellings at some point on Facebook. Along with Wishyoursister sauce.
  11. It occurs every year. Look at May 2021 and January 2022!! No wonder I never get bags full of money!
  12. John’s cruise reviews are always great. It will be an even bigger loss to the CC community if we can’t have them.
  13. All part of the Interstate system. I’ve always been thankful we never got moved to Atlanta.
  14. Some of this is relevant to Florida. Jacksonville has 3 Interstates. We are blessedly caught up on most road construction for the moment, which has everyone confused. If you’re doing 5 miles over the speed limit in the right lane, you’re going to get tail gated. The cars in the far left are a blur. Could be Superman, could be an Indianapolis race car. No way to tell. Our surface streets have to follow the river, so they tend to wander. Local names predominate over state and federal numbers. So GPS isn’t a lot of help when the voice gives you numbers and you’re seeing names.
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