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  1. I don’t remember where I got the first one, but it was back in January, so Fake spring was right. Nobody would say we’re in Fake Spring now!
  2. Black side, orange side. Disclaimer: Not meaning anything but the colors of the cartoon.
  3. Beautiful coloring and markings. He looks like he’s loving life!
  4. Not with the emergency brake on. It wouldn’t budge. I was only 16 and taught to drive by my mother, who used the emergency brake Eve time she parked.
  5. I drove my mother’s new Beetle, when they were first marketed, to visit my brother in college. Stopped for lunch, came back to the car, and there was no reverse gear! I tried and tried, and no reverse. Luckily for me, some men came out of the restaurant, and I was not too proud to ask for help. They all tried and finally agreed with me there was no reverse. Finally, they picked it up and set it into the street so I could drive off. I was careful to parkwhere I could just drive away the whole weekend, and when I got home told my mother about the fatal design flaw. That
  6. I love it when I can watch the odometer roll over!
  7. I feel rather intimidated, because this is all I’ve got!
  8. My DH has been washing his hands like never before. Every time I look at him, he’s at the sink scrubbing them. Today he told me he just uncovered the answers from an 8th grade Math quiz!!
  9. Truth in advertising. Always read your receipt.
  10. A few I’ve had to ask my DH to explain, so you’re not alone!
  11. I’d rather eat my calories! i’m breaking into my new Bailey’s tonight, though.
  12. My parents would be so proud that I’ve become a triathlete!
  13. Our cousin in Maine walks out his back door to the end of his dock with a bucket, hauls up his traps, throws the lobsters in the bucket and carries them to the kitchen. He made my first lobster roll many years ago when his father was a lobsterman and we had all the lobster we could eat. I sure wish my DH didn’t think Florida to Maine hasn’t gotten to be too far to drive.
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