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  1. I can hardly wait to read your diary for the second half of the year. I will say one good thing for the first half: because nobody went anywhere, cars in Florida did not get layers of dead love bugs. When we start getting hurricane warnings, few people will have room to store more toilet paper, so the rush to stock up won’t be quite as frantic. My birthday Saturday will be marked by fireworks, too many people at the beach, and me and my husband having my most boring birthday party ever....watching reruns of old sporting events! The object of this staying at home and mi
  2. I Ike oatmeal cookies with raisins, EXCEPT when I thought they were chocolate chips!
  3. Neither Goldilocks nor Eris, Goddess of Discord, had an apple connection, but Aphrodite did. Hence I vote for Aphrodite.
  4. Speaking of candied yams with marshmallows, I had dinner at a home in another member of the Commonwealth, New Zealand. Dinner was excellent, but we Americans were a little surprised at one of the vegetables. It was pumpkin. Do Canadians put their pumpkin in a pie, or on the dinner plate with the peas and green beans?
  5. I can’t remember any more what I’ve posted! But this new hand sanitizer would be charming in a beach condo!
  6. That was fun! And yes, even a Florida team won the Stanley Cup! We have poutine in Florida, but nobody makes it quite like Canadians. A good reason, for me, to go to Canada. I don't know if the wonderful tribute to Canada is still showing at Epcot, but I’ve probably seen it a dozen times and would love to see it another dozen. Congratulations on being a Canadian!
  7. I worked with a Navy wife whose husband was stationed in Rota Spain. They lived there for two years. I congratulated her for her good luck to be able to live there and enjoy the culture. She told me they only left the base once. Said the town was full of ignorant foreigners. They didn’t even speak English. What a terrible waste of two years!
  8. I know, but the place names and pronunciations came from England.
  9. I think the British ignore spelling. The surname Cholmondely is pronounced Chumley.
  10. Bless his heart. He gave us so much joy over his long life.
  11. This is only one spelling. I belong to a Facebook group that is all about spelling. The posters and commenters are supposedly good cooks, but obviously not good spellers (or readers). In the last week I saw wustsistersher and wishtisher and whorstcher.
  12. Police defunding has started, and it isn’t pretty! VID-20161122-WA0000 2.mp4
  13. I should have taken pictures of the tax collectors office where I renewed my drivers license, my dentist’s office where I had my teeth cleaned, and my internist’s office where I had my semiannual checkup. On the other hand, I wouldn’t have wanted to make the rest of you envious!
  14. A 4, because our mayor finally issued a mask mandate! Makes me feel a little better! i’m a Pessimistic Optimist!
  15. Ours was cabin M22 on the Royale. First cruise, and we booked the lowest price because my DH was sure he wouldn’t like it. He went to Japan by ship when he was in the Air Force and swore never again!
  16. I joined Cruise Critic 20 years ago this coming August. It has been a source of advice and entertainment. Thanks to CC, I have booked great excursions, and frequently have done those excursions with brand new friends. I have experienced others’ pain from illness to death of a loved one at sea. I have experienced the joy of a new cruiser whose life, like mine, changed because of that first cruise. Best of all has been the constant connection to so many people who were just friends I hadn’t met yet!
  17. Most of ours in Jacksonville come from water pipes under the streets leaking. That sucks the sand out from under the pavement. The road crews finally come along after innumerable cars are out of alignment, and patch the hole. They never repair the leaking pipes! Old St Augustine Rd in JAX looks like it has more vertical stripes than horizontal. For about a year, it’s bump after bump the locals move over into the turn lane to go around them. Then the bumps flatten out for two or three weeks, then they start sagging. If you can’t change lanes, you start wondering if
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