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  1. For most it was, but my husband and I were the only ones who showed up for the iFly hour and that was great for us. If I hadn’t been to Nassau before I probably would have been disappointed too!
  2. Interesting, we boarded before the handicap people. As we were walking on the ship, I saw them all sitting in a certain area still waiting. Here’s a pic of the schedule for that week.
  3. When I was on Anthem last week, I actually asked a staff member about that. They said no special line for getting back on the ship. None of our stops used tenders, and only two of the three stops had priority disembarkation. I never encountered a line getting back on the ship as I never stayed in port all day. Good luck and try to have fun on your cruise!
  4. On Anthem this past week, we had priority disembarkation at 2 ports of call. None of them were tendered either. Not sure why the 3rd port there was no priority mentioned.
  5. Maybe Anthem just has it down and their staff are all informed. It worked well for us this past week also.
  6. On Anthem, no scheduled time. You just have to eat breakfast before 9-9:30am. You can be escorted when you are ready.
  7. My husband and I had a great experience with The Key. Just home from Anthem of the Seas Bahamas 7 day cruise yesterday. *Embarkation at Cape Liberty, Bayonne was great. Special “The Key” line for security (a sign was out for Key members). *Special Check—in line for Key guests. Here they slide you in to the next available agent *since seapass cards are not issued at checkin (they will be waiting for you in your cabin at 1pm), you will get a Key bracelet to wear the first day so staff will know you are a key member. You can still order drinks etc. if you have a drink pkg. *sent to the Suites/Pinnacle door for boarding, no waiting. Just kept walking and following others straight onto the ship (we saw many people waiting in chairs to board *Soon as you step foot on board you are directed to a table for Key members where you get your voom Internet codes and special Key activity hours. *next, we went to check in one carry on bag in the Royal theater. A line here of 4 people and only one check in person. (By the time we went to our cabin our carryon was already INSIDE THE CABIN, inside a closet. *We explored the ship as we were an hour too early to go to Jaimie Oliver’s for lunch. We rode the bumper cars as it just opened. *Lunch at Jaimie’s started out great when there were only a few of us, as it started getting more and more crowded we saw less and less of our waiter! But the pasta was fantastic! *After Jaimie’s (12:45ish) we decided to walk from deck 5 to deck 12 to see if our cabin was ready. Many people waiting by stairs to get into the hallways of their cabins. They must open from top to bottom as our floor and deck 11 were already opened for passengers and luggage waiting outside our door! *At first I was disappointed in the schedule for Key member times for the activities as there weren’t many but we took advantage of the hours they offered. The first Key member hour on Flowrider about a dozen of us showed up. This was my first time and the instructors were great at teaching you what to do. I was able to ride twice (2 tries each time). The second day for Key members only 5-6 of us showed up. It was great for me as I’m a first timer and just happy I got to try! Staff at both times always asked if you were a Key member and even asked the kids to show their key card. *Rock climbing, staff seemed a little more lenient. They asked if everyone was a Key member but never asked to show the card. Pretty sure a few kids were not cuz they didn’t answer. 15 min later another staff came and asked her coworker if we were all Key members and they guy didn’t seem to care and said yes. *iFly was awesome- NO ONE else showed up for iFly Key time. My husband and I had the time all to ourselves! (It was 11am on Nassau day, so people were probably on excursion). We’ve been before so only got off for a short time and back on to try iFly. We both got to go in twice and we asked the instructor to do a demo of her tricks. We did iFly again because we had a reservation that we booked earlier. That group we had 12 people so everyone had one turn each. *Northstar was pretty busy. We had a reservation so we went at that time instead of the Key time. They have a reserved line and a standby line which we saw a few times people who were waiting in standby never able to get on. Next time is like to reserve a time when we are docked so you can see the island from above! *Since there is only one Flowrider on Anthem, we saw at non-Key times that they split it in half by putting a bumper in the middle so you can have 2 people ride at the same time. *As far as the shows we never had a problem getting a good seat. For The Gift we sat in the reserved seating main level, rows 3-4 Center were blocked for Key. It was manned by a staff member as well as a sign and she did turn people away. The other shows we sat upstairs in the center, lots of reserved seating there. There were signs for diamond, pinnacle etc. but we’re told we can sit there. Many times the sign was there and I think only 1-2 shows did they have a staff member checking. *The Key also gave us priority debarkation at Port Canaveral and Cococay. We didn’t get off the ship at Port Canaveral. At Cococay, we asked where the key debarkation was and the officer told us where it was but said there was no line in the regular debarkation. She was right. The Key debarkation was at the other end of the ship which made for a longer walk on the pier. *Voom Surf & Stream worked great at sea! I was able to download pics, send messages etc. no problem! *Debarkation day- we went to Silk for breakfast and that was very relaxing and quiet. It really was a dining room of only Key members. *After we finished breakfast, used the restroom and were ready to debark we went to The shore excursion desk were a staff member was waiting to escort us off the ship. Anthem was still calling debarkation numbers and were only up to 31 out of 93. He grabbed his Key sign and said to follow him. We cut across the line of people waiting to get off the ship to an officer who scanned us out right away. We proceeded to follow our guide to the Key luggage area, picked up our luggage and followed him to security where there was absolutely no waiting. We looked over at all the other passengers waiting in a long snake like line waiting to go thru security. It was a long line. He said goodbye to us there. Proceeded out, called Uber and were off to the mall. For us the Key worked great on the Anthem and seemed like most of the staff we encountered with were very aware of The Key program.
  8. Hi All, Just off Anthem of the Seas this morning. Arrived at the Silk Dining room on deck 4 where they had a sign out for Key members only. One last time for them to bring you the food and to sit and relax. We took our time since we have a late afternoon flight. After we finished eating we were told to go to the Shore excursion desk for Key debarkation. I thought since we were getting off late (9:30am) the crowd would have disappeared. I was wrong! The two of us were escorted off the ship with a staff member carrying a KEY sign and we cut the lines following him. He took us down to luggage and to the special Key area which was being guarded by a staff member. Picked up our luggage, proceeded off the ship (there was a line of passengers waiting to get off the ship and an even longer line for security. He took us to a special security line which had absolutely no waiting. From there you are in your own. It was great, I can only imagine people having to wait in that security line for 30-45 min maybe?! They really make you feel special. The whole experience with the Key was great. Watched the shows from Key/Suite section. Never ever full except during The Gift show. Will report more after I have more down time. Time for a little shopping in New Jersey
  9. I know they will sell The Key until the very last possible day until the reach 200. The Key was still available two days before sailing because they only sold 180. The price goes up closer to sailing also. Make sure you reserve online iFly, Northstar and all possible big shoes.
  10. If you are buying the Key mainly for Flowrider I can see how people might complain. But it is spring break and pretty full ship. I suppose if you go off season when kids are back in school it would cut down the line. Oh, and we did receive a plate of fruit in our cabin but by the time we came back the fruit had a rancid smell. That seems useless as you can just to to Windjammers etc for the same fruit! I figured the Key is worth it cuz maybe non key times there will be an even longer crowd. Do remember and iFly, Northstar and shows you can book ahead, do it cuz those reservations go fast
  11. Hi All, Day 3 & 6 are Key only Flowrider at 9-10am. There were at least 12 of us, so I only got to take two turns. Two times in line and two tries each. A lot of young kids trying it as it’s spring break for some schools. Staff did a good job asking if people were Key members and needed to check the seapass cards for the Key. Yesterday at Key hour for Rock climbing they didn’t do as good a job looking at everyone’s Seapass. Pretty sure there were 3 people without the Key. But it went okay. We saw people in a standby line and reservations only line for the Northstar. If you don’t have reservations, forget it! People in the standby line waited and didn’t get on. In the main Royal Theater on Anthem, reserved seating were rows 3&4 from the stage. Top balcony had the platinum and Gold special people. Never asked if we could sit there. The Key rows were manned by staff until 5 min before hey opened up to everyone.
  12. Oops, I meant boarded about 10:30, got to port around 10:20. Sorry about that.
  13. About 10:20 am. There were so many more people there before us waiting in seats for regular boarding. We never had to sit.
  14. These are for Anthem of the Seas Bahamas 7night Cruise for 4/6 sailing.
  15. Hi All, onboard Anthem heading to Bahamas right now. Yesterday at embarkation with the key... There WAS a special “The Key” line for security. Bypassed the much longer line of security for regular passengers. Just tell them you purchased the Key since we didn’t have the key marked on our Set Sail Pass. After security we were directed to the shorter line for checkin, behind one person only。after checkin, they sent us to the entrance for “Suite” members. We walked straight onto the ship, while we saw a ton of passengers in a Non-Key area sitting and waiting. Very crowded there! We were onboard before 10:20am! Dropped off a bag in theater where they issued a wristlet to wear the first day so staff knew you were a Key member. 180 Keys sold this cruise. I asked. Too early for lunch at Jaimies so we went to ride the bumper cars while we waited. Very fun! 11:30- showed up at Jaimie’s. Not crowded st first so service started out well. As more and more passengers came we saw less and less of our waiter. Pasta was really good and burgers others were eating looked delicious! No Key program used in any shows tonight. Good seats in both Royal Theater and Two70 for tonight. Not many special hours for Key members this week. Think it’s still school break. Almost 100 junior passengers aboard.
  16. So, no one has a picture of Jaimie Oliver's "The Key" menu for embarkation day on Anthem of the Seas?
  17. DMkaminski, Thanks so much for your live report. Do you know anything about the bumper cars? Any special times for bumper cars and how long is the line for that?
  18. How about on Anthem 7 night Bahamas cruise? Which nights are formal nights?
  19. Any specifics for The Key on Anthem of the Seas? Did I miss anyone posting a pic of the Private Hours for activities on Anthem? I saw it for many other ships but not specifically Anthem heading to the Bahamas.
  20. Did they up the sales for The Key to 200 now? Is it no longer just 100 Key holders. Maybe thats why my sailing on Anthem in April is still selling them? I thought it might be worth it since its Spring Break at that time, but who knows.
  21. Our Anthem cruise in April also “had” time slots available for iFly and North Star, but more recently does not show the option. Must have reached their limit. The Key and drink packages also have gone up in price, but was expected as I kept receiving emails from RCCL to buy before it goes up! It did!
  22. Thanks so much for the info. That will help make my decision. Wow, The Key passengers get on first even before the Suites and Diamond guests. Interesting!
  23. Does anyone know how priority boarding is for Crown & Anchor Emerald members cruising on Anthem of the Seas? Is the Emerald line long and is the security line the same for everyone? Just curious if this is worth purchasing The Key for? On other cruises we have had a faster line than non-C&A members, but wondering if this has changed?
  24. Last week, I was able to reserve the 3 main shows for an early April sailing on Anthem.
  25. I've always asked our cabin steward to open the dividers (or doors) on the balconies and it has always been done by the time we get back from exploring the ship.
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