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  1. I just used it for my cruise in April 2017 for a hair appointment on Elegant Dinner night. It worked perfectly fine. :) If you book a service for a port day, you'll see the prices change to reflect the 20% off when they are in port too.
  2. That is exactly what I do. I buy two boxes of different flavors and pack them in my checked luggage. I've never had an issue.
  3. Absolutely worth it. For every aspect of service it covers.
  4. We had wanted to do the dolphins on Blue Lagoon, but I was uncomfortable booking a non ship excursion with the time slots they offered, and the ship excursion was considerably more money. We ended up booking the 2 reef snorkel by boat instead.
  5. I've been wondering why they weren't up. There are also only 15 listed for Nassau and the first round of FTTF for our 4/9 sailing were just made available last week. Seems like each cruise we take it takes them longer to get things in order.
  6. I cashed mine out at the casino on the last day.
  7. We had saved for the Cheers package before they raised the price back up. After that I wasn't paying for it, and I'm glad too, we didn't even spend close to $200 on drinks paying for them individually, and we didn't counting them or anything either, we just aren't huge drinkers. Would we have had a few more if we had Cheers? Yes, I think so (mine would have been mocktails though, so still not worth it), but that would have been simply trying to "break even", so really it wouldn't have saved us anything at all. We won't purchase it unless they start offering cheaper packages or packages where I don't have to buy it if my husband wants it, he drinks more than I do by far when we cruise.
  8. In the spa cabins they are yellow. I saw a lot of dark blue ones elsewhere, so I am guessing that's what the other cabins have. We were on the Dream 11 days ago!
  9. Following! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  10. We had ATD on the Elation last year and there was NO issues with the service at all, no matter what time we went. As a former server, bartender, and restaurant manager, of many years, I would definitely have noticed and complained if it was beyond the norm. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  11. I had read that the match plays ended this summer. Let us know if you find out different. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. Can I go to that wedding please?;)
  13. Same here. We'll be spending the $600 I saved for it on shore. Bummer.
  14. I'd be irritated if it wasn't playing! Sent from my iPad using Forums
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