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  1. Hey everyone. Just wondering a bit about booking a guarantee and if you get moved into the higher category? Say from inside to oceanview? or ocean to balcony? OR does it just give you any room available? We have cruised a few times. But just no experience for this thing.
  2. andynalex66

    Just off Jewel - any questions

    What did you do for port activities? How was the MDR options and entertainment? Did you do any pre or post things?
  3. andynalex66

    Do menu's change for each region?

    Thanks everyone. I suppose a dish or two but sounds pretty consistent worldwide.
  4. Hi there, Just wondering about MDR menu's. Are they different if your sailing in Europe vs Caribbean?
  5. Congrats on the scholarship and job for the summer. Glad you back and we can keep adventuring along.
  6. andynalex66

    Jewel of the Seas Shows

    We did the Southern Carib on the Jewel in December 2015 and I think only one night didn't have two showings. A number of the nights were comedy acts and the first one was more family friendly. With the Anytime Dining if your happy to share try to get a smaller table as they seem to move through dinner quickly. Not sure about the itinerary for the person who asked about EU. We are going on her in Sept leaving Rome and while I have searched I haven't had luck finding any old cruise compass options to preview. Enjoy your cruising
  7. We went to the excursion presentation and won a draw for a percentage off one of the ones we chose. Not sure i would have attended the presentation just for a win option but we did find it helpful as we didn't do any pre trip research and figured we would do it all on the ship. I won a spa raffle previously and as mentioned it does come with restrictions (signature service only) we weren't aware of this and booked a service. After the treatment found out it wasn't eligible to use the certificate for. So rule of thumb now if nothing else is going on or we are going by at the proper time then yes but not worth going out of our way for.
  8. Thank you so much posting. I think there are a lot of us going through Little Miss Magic withdrawal's ( toss us a few more bones on your blog!). Looking forward to reading more.
  9. andynalex66

    Any idea how much soda/pop costs?

    Thanks guys. Maybe she can take a can or two on with her.
  10. Hey all my sil leaves tomorrow and is a soda fan. How much is just a can or single serving?
  11. andynalex66

    Allure 10236 room pics

    Thanks so much!
  12. Hi all my brother in law just booked the above room does anyone have pics? Know if the deck has regular chairs or loungers?
  13. andynalex66

    Sorry wrong board post don't read

    [quote name='andynalex66']Hey all does anyone have actual pics of this cabin? Does it just have normal chairs or loungers? My Brother in law [U][/U]just booked and wanted to know[/QUOTE] Sorry all I am loyal to princess guess I couldn't even bring myself to post on another board
  14. Hey all does anyone have actual pics of this cabin? Does it just have normal chairs or loungers? My Brother in law [U][/U]just booked and wanted to know
  15. Is there a buy one get one or Happy Hour for drinks?