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  1. Jimmycruiser, thank you for your response. We will wait until we are aboard to make any decisions, if we are unable to buy what we want in Lisbon.
  2. Glad I was able to make you smile! Cruising, wine, cigars, new friends, and helping those in need do that for me; so many things in this world today try to take away our happiness! I refuse to let that happen! Thank you for the warm welcome. Katherine and I look forward to our first 17 night Azamara adventure!
  3. We are frequent Celebrity cruisers taking our first Azamara cruise in November. Azamara offers two wine bottle packages - one with a $50.00 per bottle limit and one with a $75.00 per bottle limit. If we wish to purchase a bottle of wine that costs more than the package limit, let's say a $100.00 bottle, do we simply pay the difference of $25.00 or $50.00 like we do on Celebrity? Thanks in advance!
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