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  1. It is a wait and see game now.Lets get rid of Covid19 plus a vaccination added then talk again.
  2. Although this is now 'Off the subject' I just had to butt in. Nobody has come up with another reason why a Doctor works on a cruise ship. Could the reason be he/she love their career and also cruising and the sea life ?
  3. In these very sad times I try to keep my chin up by turning to humor.EVerything I have spoken about is true.I added the bit about our dreadful virus that is bringing so much heartache to our world taking itself to another planet .
  4. Wow I am sorry if folks are feeling upset........That's not good for my heart you know.😉 Anyway due to mixed reaction I did phone Princess again.This gal was extremely honest and told me just earlier this week the 'Under chronic conditions' was taken off the list.There again she said she did not have an answer for me and to contact when our wonderful Covid 19 has decided to push off to another planet and leave ours alone I made this last bit up by the way😏. So they really don't have the answer yet. At least there is hope in the future I can again sit on deck reading my Patterson mystery ,
  5. My AF is under control take medications twice a day.The doctor told me one can still get it again under medication so it cannot be cured it is a chronic condition.Once you have you can get again.
  6. I Had read the rulings and wondered if they applied me although mine is managed by medication.The representative with more hesitations responded straight away I would be denied boarding
  7. OK I did not know I had a heart condition......i had been getting flutterings during the nite which always cooled down.Thought it natural. While actually in hospital with a Gastro Enteritis where I had actually passed out at home taken to hospital i woke up one morning with a fluttering in my chest which didnot go away and rang for nurse.....They immediately gave me oxygen I V's, Electrocardiogram ,portable X rays. I told nurse I did not want to die,she answered we are trying our best......Is that proof enough for you?
  8. It comes under their ' Other Underlying chronic conditions.' Would be denied boarding.
  9. I developed the condition this year in January 2020.It was Princess's Representatives decision I have not mentioned this to my doctor.
  10. This was The Princess Representative ,I called Princess direct. She said 'You would be denied boarding' her exact words. She personally filled out and sent off form for cruise credit refund. I am on heart Meditation twice a day twice which controls it.
  11. Will no longer be allowed to board due to Atrial Fibrillation of my heart...Would be denied boarding permanently. Princess refunding my future cruise credits.
  12. None of you have thought you may not be getting your refunds because Princess might have run out of money.?
  13. It was reported I just remembered they said ship was rocking side to side instead of to and fro
  14. It was a 15 day cruise Vancouver Hawaii and return on Star Princess. First day at sea had breakfast,it was rocky. Sitting at back of Princess theater around 9.00 AM lecture on Hawaii in the disabled section at the back for I have a mobility issue.All of a sudden I felt nauseated and went to the nearest washroom that was the start no advance warning.
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