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  1. nice - I only got 14...and I believe JS should get 14x2 🙂
  2. question for my fellow cruisers 🙂 double points - did you guys already get them? I saw they added our regular points to my C&A but not the double points. Wondering if I need to call in.
  3. You will have to do a “new trip” on the way home. That confused us a bit. But again so happy I did it 🙂 happy travels !
  4. On the way there it was useful as well, just saved us a ton more time on the way back
  5. I did VeriFLY. Was worth it on the way back. Instead of 100 people in line. We had 2 people ahead of us. Make sure you look for tue VeriFLY line at Bahamas airport. Even tho it won’t allow you to check in before the airport they just want to see your pass on the app.
  6. No line for global entry at all. Got through customs in 5 mins (3 of those spent trying to figure out why it wasn’t reading my finger prints) not sure if you caught that filling out VeriFLY also saved me about 2 hours.
  7. It was crowded! Thankfully we did VeriFLY and got through in minutes and not hours. It was a mad house! If you are flying American they have a separate line for VeriFLY and we only had 2 ppl in front of us. The security line wasn’t soo bad. And customs was a breeze as we have global entry.
  8. Thanks @hbcruiser for starting this thread! Happy to have met you 🙂 @MorganClarkhappy to have met you as well, glad we got to hang out! until next time! happy cruising!
  9. Time for dinner. Will post more later. Come sail away…come sail away with me 😉
  10. It was one of the entrees. It was Luke warm. It was …ok. It wasn’t bad but not something I would go out of my way to order again. I don’t eat a lot of meat do that has a lot to do with it. It wasn’t bad. Just wasn’t overly good either
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