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  1. birdie16

    Our roll call died with the new boards...

    Here is a link for our lost soles...
  2. So...you don't leave an additional tip?
  3. If you are cruising on the Spirit December 13th, please head over to our roll call board. Either nobody is interested or people got lost in the new board transition.
  4. birdie16

    New and Improved CC

    Sorry, not liking it at all. These changes pretty much killed my Roll Call, I think it scared people away. Why did it have to change? It was so "comfortable" before?
  5. We are cruising the Spirit December 13th. Morocco, Portugal, Canaries and staying Christmas week in Barcelona. Will we need winter coats? Will we need winter clothes? Will it be more like an Alaska cruise? Thanks in advance.
  6. birdie16

    Spirit Question

  7. birdie16

    Spirit Question

    Does the Spirit have self service laundry rooms? Our cruise is 10 days and I don't want to have to over pack. We had a bad experience on a cruise ships laundry and would rather do it ourselves.
  8. birdie16

    Problems on the Oosterdam

    Thank you for looking that up. As for the tux, the damage was really done in the dining room, the laundry/drycleaning finished it off. I don't think anyone could have saved the tux, grease is very difficult to remove.
  9. birdie16

    Problems on the Oosterdam

    Very good! Yes, we have receipts too, such a hassle though. Glad you were fully reimbursed. In hindsight we should have taken the tux (evidence) and receipt and handled it that way. As for the tux, the damage was done in the dining room, the laundry/dry cleaning service finished it off.
  10. birdie16

    Problems on the Oosterdam

    We really enjoy getting dressed up for Gala nights, it is sad that we feel next time, like you, we will not be bringing our best clothes with us. On a two week vacation they either need a reliable laundry/dry cleaning service or a self service laundry.
  11. birdie16

    Problems on the Oosterdam

    I would not use the free laundry, don't trust them.
  12. birdie16

    Problems on the Oosterdam

    We had to ask for a tux rental, they did do that but it was a cheap, poor fitting polyester tux. I was stunned when the Customer Service person said what she said about it not being a professional laundry/dry cleaners. They should not offer the service if it is not. I agree, they need self service laundries on all their ships, I will never again trust a ship laundry.
  13. birdie16

    Problems on the Oosterdam

    Thank you folks for your support.
  14. I will try to write a review of our Oosterdam 14 night Panama Canal cruise when I have caught up at home a little. I just want to warn everyone about some issues we had that happened with regards to Guest Relations and the Laundry/DryCleaning Service. First of all, this was our 4th Holland America Cruise, our 25th cruise overall. We have enjoyed Holland America and have even recommended them to several people but buyers beware. For the purpose of background, my husband's tux was a Ralph Lauren tux, valued at $800. I was fortunate to purchase it on sale for $450, with tailoring it came to just under $550. On the first Gala Night my husband wore his tuxedo. Accidents happen on any cruise line, it is how it is handled that makes a difference. The tables in the dining room are very close together and the accident happened very fast but from what we can tell, the person behind my husband raised his hand just as the waiter was delivering escargot. The hot butter, garlic and cheese mixture spilled all over my husband's back. He was very lucky the thickness of the tux, vest and shirt protected him from burning, as even with the layers it was still very hot. He immediately removed his jacket and vest. The headwaiter came and filled out a cleaning check for us. Rather than have our cabin smell like garlic and because we felt it was better to have it professionally cleaned as soon as possible, I brought his tux to Guest Relations so they could deal with it in a timely manner. The tux was returned to our cabin the next day and was ruined. They had cleaned the life out of the tux, ruined the fabric from rubbing, the interfacing was permanently rippled and the collar and sleeves were damaged because it looked like they took the lining out to clean it. Over the period of four days we had many meetings with Annie (Manager of GuestRelations). She went back and forth with Corporate and at least twice a day we had to go down to her office to discuss the latest "offer". Holland America only wanted to refund us $100! We were not only insulted but very stressed out over the way Corporate seemed to be treating us like we were trying to make money! At one point, we just said, "Buy him another Ralph Lauren tux." We did not want to make money; we just wanted our damaged property replaced! We were very up front with them about the fact that I purchased the tux on sale, we were never asking for $800. All we asked for was $500. Finally, we were given an onboard credit of $500. We were not happy with the way they dragged this out, the stress alone was ridiculous, but we just wanted to get on with our vacation. Fast forward...At the end of the cruise we decided to send a bag of dirty clothes to the laundry. They offer a "fill a bag for $20" special. We filled out the forms, sent it out and it returned all folded in a basket (not ironed, by the way). After our cruise I was ironing the laundered items and found the collar of one of my husband's new polo shirts was torn and stained with grease like it had been caught in one of their machines. I phoned Property Claims at Holland America and wait for it...I was told,"Holland America does not have professional laundry or dry cleaning on the ship, I should not expect professional results." Unbelievable! Why have laundry/dry cleaning and charge for it if you are not going to be responsible? I am sending in a claim for the shirt but I have to tell you, we will be thinking twice on cruising Holland America again based on the customer service we have experienced.