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  1. So tragically someone threw their gran-daughter off the ship, out of a high open window, all be it "as claimed" by a big accident, and somehow its the cruise lines fault. ***** seriously!!!
  2. Bit OT, but there is a great docu on the QE2 ship, ( called QE2 the world's greatest cruise ship) which basically defied all predictions about huge passenger ships demise as the jet age begun, and she basically became the model all modern cruise ships still follow to this day. Well worth a watch!
  3. One day the cruise fare will just be for your stateroom, speciality restaurants, spa, and the casino.
  4. It does sound a shame that we wont be able to wander to the front of the ship, me and the missus have done that several times (day and in the dead of night) on every cruise we have ever been on.
  5. I saw someone in Vegas get exactly that, the dealer had an ace up too, but no blackjack sadly!!!
  6. Considering you have paid $$$ to eat in a speciality restaurant, when your fare already includes a full service meal (unlimited starts, mains, deserts etc) in the MDR, for them to be restricting starters and deserts is quite frankly taking the michael!
  7. Russia and Baltics from Copenhagen, all new places for me!!
  8. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your fantastic review. We are sailing on Getaway July 31st cant wait now!!
  9. Maybe because you will miss the mandatory muster drill they will not allow late embarkation? Unless you get it in writing from RCI that they will allow you to arrive late, I would assume you wont be allowed on if you are past the cutoff time.
  10. Blackjack was $6, had 3 tables at that limit. Roulette was $1 chips but not sure if min bet was $5 or $10. Craps was $5 and 3 card poker $5.
  11. Got a pic of one of the tables as my GF got the lucky ladies lol
  12. Just came back from Indy and thats what they pay for a Blackjack on all but the $25+ table, and the Host said its fleet wide policy. Could be my last RCI cruise as I play a lot of BJ but not at rip off odds.
  13. 2014, P&O Oceana 4 day taster. Both myself and more importantly the missus loved it, and have since done a Celebrity Fjords cruise and then 4 RCI cruises. Being casino addicts, the reason we have done RCI since cruise no 3 is because we get a discounted room etc I will whisper this, but the best casino was on the P&O ship purely because they had a live singer/music every night in the casino which made the atmosphere brilliant. But you cant turn down a heavily discounted cruise even if the atmosphere is a bit dull in the casino lol
  14. Does anyone know if they have done anything with the casino, like newer slots etc. Thanks
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