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  1. Just received our refund for out March, 29 Carnival Pride cruise.
  2. I filled out their form and chose Refund. Pretty straight forward.
  3. They called my wife too. They wanted to know why we wanted a refund. Still no refund....
  4. I have not received any refund for any portion of my cruise. If you try to re-submit the form it will tell you they have already received at selection for that booking.
  5. I saw a picture of it somewhere. I'm trying to find where it was.
  6. I haven't actually cancelled yet. I'm hoping Carnival does first. These steps were in another thread so they were just a suggestion.
  7. Nope, I just take metformin and that's it.
  8. I have well controlled type 2 diabetes. How would they know?
  9. Try this: Log in and go to your cruise planner. Scroll down and click on Booking order and details. Scroll down and click on View Balance Details. Scroll down and click on View Cancellation Information. Click on Cancel Booking.
  10. Cruising with a baby is fun, but know the limitations. We are have cruised with our 3 year old twice already(7(NCL) & a 12 day(MSC)) We went when our daughter was 9 months and 1.5. We are going in April on Carnival Pride with our daughter and our 1 year old son. I highly recommend the Family Cruising board for tips. We use the Summer Infant 3D Lite stroller. Its affordable and durable. Its fits down the hallways and through the doors on the ships, folds up easily, and has a basket below. Depending on whether your child is potty trained, know that they can't go in the pools
  11. We sailed MSC Divina in 2018. The Yacht Club was phenomenal. The ship was the most beautiful I've seen inside. You will be the minority as most people were European. I believe the new ship Seaside is different as it caters to Americans. We've sailed NCL's Haven and the Yacht Club experience was much better.
  12. The inflatable pool is a great thing, however they are banned on Carnival. We used one on MSC and NCL and the staff loved seeing the baby in the pool.
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