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  1. Well that's quite interesting. If they are monitoring FB then they must know the word is getting around. Not being a social media user I actually thought the companies probably turned a blind eye. Its actually quite a bold statement if Shelley has put it into the FB page, am I reading that right or is it private?
  2. Tell them you will be charging them interest!
  3. So how would P&O link the email from Swanseasailor unless they are monitoring him/his wife on FB? Does this mean Shelley is following their posts on face of Iona? I have no social media accounts, this is one of only three places I am active and this is intermittently. I have openly told them I use CC and get information from here. Could this be why I'm being taken more seriously and getting more open replies?
  4. As a matter of interest, is messenger Facebook? Excuse my ignorance!
  5. Jeepers creepers! Left hand, right hand. Yes, do follow up. Maybe Shelley's quote is one for your wife's FB section. At least she's confirmed in writing what might happen ....
  6. Of course, that's your choice. You have nothing booked so can observe and maybe offer information to those who have. A lot of things you have posted in your short time here have been very helpful to me However there are thousands locked into cruises where they have moved them, taken FCC or paid in full before the situation became known. Many are, as you said earlier, in ignorance and I will keep talking to the cruise lines to see if some comfort can be offered to us. If necessary I will walk away but as a long time cruiser I would like to have cruise ships to return to as and when I decide.
  7. In fairness everyone should be aware of the problems with any travel insurance policies and the fact that they are notorious for not paying out. There are warnings everywhere and have been for years about reading the policy and small print. I was surprised myself by the number of people who had not until prompted looked deep into their policies. However, in fairness, until international cruising from the UK resumed no one would know how things would pan out with Covid cases. What has come as a shock is the removal of negative passengers alongside positive tests. It is not the cruise lines' fault if none of us (me included) read the small print properly in our cruise terms and conditions and asked questions. Because I am almost obsessive about reading agreements and policies of insurance I had asked the quarantine question of my insurer weeks before and was able to jump onboard immediately I heard of the first removals and realised we just might have a problem. Most people don't have the time or understanding of complex legally binding terminology to even guess at what is in any policy they buy which is how social media is full of stories lambasting companies. Very few follow the buyer beware rule. What is important is to remember that P&O/Cunard appear to have been caught out by the non availability of an insurance policy to cover these events as much as we are. Upon having it drawn to their attention they are, it seems, working on it and before tearing them to shreds via the media and social media it is in everyone's interest to keep this line of communication open. If they don't come through, well that's a different point altogether and only at that point is going for the jugular an option. We all know the challenges Carnival group companies are having. It would be self defeating to try to destroy the restart. Once this offloading situation is sorted what will be needed is clarity in the protocol of what may happen and displayed in a prominent place for prospective cruisers and their agents to see. With cruise companies being international they are trying to create a worldwide policy, something which is even in normal times nigh on impossible with different laws and consumer rights around the world. The North American consumers seem to be more on top of this than the UK ones, there do appear to be products available in their insurance market which cover these events, albeit at high cost.
  8. The Nationwide is an almost identical policy to the RBS one quoted by Watsonbeau. See his points quoted as they will apply. I assume you bank with Nationwide.
  9. I think most people would think twice if they understood the real risks.
  10. It would, I think from research, depend on where you are, which line you are on, and most importantly the next country on the itinerary. I think the people allowed to stay on Britannia at Gibraltar dodged the bullet because it technically wasn't a foreign country and a very short run to UK. Those in Cadiz, Madeira and Rhodes were by all accounts near the beginning or middle of their trips and the ports insisted. If you think about it logically quarantine on board for people who may develop the disease when you're sailing further away from home and in foreign waters is neither logical or sensible. People can go from negative to positive in a matter of hours and from development to critical shortly afterwards in some cases. I can see the cruise lines would want to avoid possible airlift, cross contamination etc. Using the 28 day Caribbean Cunard cruise as our example again, if someone tested positive after Madeira the required PCR for Barbados would mean the whole ship possibly being delayed, barred and fined for a whole host of islands. I cannot blame the cruise line for wanting those passengers off their hands with more than a fortnight to go. Offloading would seem inevitable in those circumstances. If you read the Seabourn Rhodes saga you will note that at least two were hospitalized within a day or so of being offloaded and it was touch and go for the poster's wife at one stage. The insurance is such a grey issue it is at the moment a matter of personal choice if you feel you can take the risk and are comfortable with your insurance. To be fair the latest reply from CEO office does indicate they are on the case and I believe at the end of the day that is where peace of mind has to come from.
  11. The travel insurance is normally attached to an account you pay for monthly. Some of the banks do sell standalone but you would need to read the full policy to check cover. Direct Line and Churchill sell insurance which is basically Natwest/RBS. Barclays policy is apparently a market leader (well according to Which?).
  12. This sounds quite promising: Quote Thank you for your further email and your ongoing patience. This is at the highest level as we speak but as you can imagine I am extremely sorry that I have yet to get a comprehensive answer for you to put you at ease. Please do not worry about making your final payment, if you decide to cancel it would of course be FOC no matter if we are under the 90 days for you and all your travelling companions. As I said please rest assured I am doing all to get this clarified and our policy amended. Warmest regards Unquote
  13. Could I just ask is that also for a quarantine hotel, not just the hospital? Hopefully your travelling companion if positive wouldn't need the hospital but you would both be in a hotel. In light of the Staysure question arising again I wrote to their head office for clarification. I am now told the travelling companion who was not positive would be paid out if applicable under the cancellation/abandonment clause to a maximum of £5,000 pp and this is what would cover quarantine, food, testing and repatriation. Using our 28 day Cunard cruise as an example, my trip is £4,200 so my cover at Day 1 would be that amount. My daily rate is therefore £150 per day. Every day I am on board will therefore reduce my level of cover for abandonment by £150, so on day 7 my abandonment cover will have reduced by £1,050 to £3,150, on day 14 to £2,100, on day 21 to £1,050 and day 28 would be zero. Therefore if I was offloaded in Madeira on 18th my cover would be £3,450, in Barbados £2,100 and in Tenerife £600. The catch however is that this would only come into play if my travelling companion was the one testing positive, not if it was a contact not in my travelling party. Looking at Swanseasailor's story of the family I would guess if they were near the end of their cruise they quite simply would have no money in the abandonment pot. On a "normal" 14 day Med cruise costing say £1400pp the cover would be £100 per day. The people would have very small amounts of cover accordingly.
  14. Is that on Iona FB? I cant find any references anywhere to either that or the Marella one. Ss a non FB user I'm clearly out of the loop!
  15. UK track and trace does not apply on cruise ships. They sail under special rules and are governed accordingly, hence face masks etc are compulsory. There are people scattered around Europe who have been offloaded for exactly that. There are people who were not allowed to board because their coach had someone infected, others who were bubbled on ships and tours as well. You most certainly can be put into quarantine ashore.
  16. Watsonbeau: insist on a comfort letter in writing addressed to you personally. UK Ins are notorious to get to pay out on the travel insurance policies they underwrite. When TIF pulled out of the market middle of this year UK Ins took over a huge array of providers. A lot of specialist insurers weren't happy with them so are moving across to other underwriters like Great Lakes, Allianz etc. It's currently a shrinking market for obvious reasons. Swanseasailor: is it confirmed Staysure have said no payment? They were the grey area and still telling people last week there would be cover on a case by case basis. Is this on a closed FB account for Iona? Very worrying that there's confusion, surely to goodness the top brass would have spoken to the captains and senior crew to fill them in on what the situation is, particularly when the CEO office has had conversations with Holiday Extras their own recommended insurer. They are the ones who are going to have to make these decisions on offloading, what are they supposed to do if confronted with a bunch of upset passengers faced with uncertainty? If nothing else P&O must surely keep their onboard staff upto date. Imagine having a dozen people where only one or two are insured, the officer making the decision would need the wisdom of Solomon to sort it out.
  17. All Clear - No quarantine cover but Platinum policy would pay out maximum £2,000 for abandonment. I assume you were making your booking with a travel agent, interesting that you had to explain what's happening about offloading problem. Congratulations on booking your cruise, I'm sure you will enjoy yourselves.
  18. I though RBS/Natwest were Allianz after the appalling situation with UK Insurance which the Sunday Times brought to light. Perhaps like Lloyds/Halifax they havent changed yet? Examples here: https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/ukinsurance.net
  19. Be very careful. Justcover use a lot of providers for their policies and some of them are the ones I've just posted about. Daedalus has a specific insurer on her policy, not Justcover. Research the company ...
  20. No, I'm afraid not. I've just checked with Allianz via Lloyds/Halifax as they are taking over my policy in November. My contact is looking into it but pointed out to me that the OP of the Allianz supported bank policy is based in the Isle of Man with different laws and rules. He's coming back to me when he's investigated. Allianz support a lot of UK banks now including Virgin, Natwest and RBS and the ones above. If we can get confirmation that this IOM cover is available to all of the bank customers we may be on to something. Meantime I agree the "medical adviser" is going to be the key and it will revert in those circumstances to case by case. Whilst this might be good for couples there's still no comfort for those travelling on different insurance policies, ie the two friends mentioned a few posts back, auntie and I, or singles who might have the misfortune to share a table with a positive person. So while working on the insurance side may bring a handful of results, what is really needed is for P&O et al to adopt a policy the same as RCI group. Looking at the list of insurance companies we've discussed there are quite a few, should I say, dodgy characters on there. A quick look at the review sites show an alarming number of cases where Bill's haven't been paid, claims rejected out of hand etc. There are still a large number of companies being underwritten by some very strange companies. Since the partial demise of the dreaded TIF Group there's be an interesting surge in Bulgarian underwriters. They may be very good but Reevo etc are full of 1 star reviews for companies using them. No smoke without fire I fear.
  21. The very cruise I'm on and the exact itinerary I've been using as my example. I had hardly got the word Barbados out of my mouth and he leapt on me because he'd land based clients with big problems there apparently.
  22. Well that's me covered too from November 21st. Just need to find someone who reciprocates for my husband as Allianz wont cover his medical conditions.
  23. The problem is I don't want to upset them before giving them a chance to reply. I've no desire to publicly destroy them as that is self defeating in that we need them to thrive because they have our money. Really hoping for a proper dialogue to open for at least a couple of us. Although the latest contacts received the 28 day reply I doubt they'll leave it that long before giving us their views/opinions/answers as they will be well aware that those on Faceb etc will be spreading the word. I've chased today and will do so again next week. I'm hoping someone who is onboard Iona now might let Swanseasailor have an inside view. Hopefully no one gets unwell until its sorted, especially with Britannia on her T/A journey down to Barbados. I did speak to Staysure again and still told it's a very grey area. The guy warned me quarantine in Barbados is very, very expensive and I told him I wasn't planning on using it any time soon!
  24. She's a busy girl! No wonder she's too busy to call me until next week.
  25. No, Natasha definitely exists, I get personal emails from her. Emily dealt with me for Cunard when I was pushing in August for the testing policies. I'm interested to see how many names crop up as my commercial experience tells me CEO offices are normally only manned by a few people, maybe P/As, personal secretaries etc. All my Cunard correspondence has been from Paul Ludlow's staff.
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