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  1. My understanding when cruises resume they all have to be 7 days or under initially. We haven't had any notice of our 9 night cruise being cancelled so what is going on since when I looked up this cruise, it is still for sale as booked, a 9 night cruise! We had been thinking it would be cancelled. So now the decision about whether to cancel, make final payment (knowing that the cruise will likely not be what we are paying for), or take FCC when we already have cruise booked for 2022 (pre-Covid) so don't know now far out they will let us use it. Also, prices seem to be way up from when we bo
  2. We've only been on 6 cruises - all Royal. Have a Celebrity cruise booked 2021 and we'll see what the cruising atmosphere is like at that time or whether we will postpone it; have another Royal cruise booked on Odyssey for 2022. We, too, have looked closely at Oceania, Regent, and Viking - maybe one day soon. We would also be interested in trying a river and/or barge cruise one day.
  3. Oh my gosh! I did that last week! Fortunately, just banged up knee and tops of feet - ice helped quite a bit! As far as the cruising question, I keep vacillating back and forth. I've read comments on both sides and I totally see where people are coming from on both sides. We definitely plan to cruise/fly, etc. again. I guess we will wait and see when November comes how we feel about cruising in February 2021 or if we want to push it back further.
  4. We've done a couple of those "must do's" - and left after 5 or 10 minutes! Loved the humor in how you described your experience.😊
  5. Maris, Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful, picturesque review. Hoping to be able to cruise next year; will wait and see. So appreciate seeing what you experienced.
  6. I can feel the excitement you were feeling when I was reading that part of your post! So wonderful!
  7. Proud of you for doing what was good for you! My sister always encourages me in this regard...and it all worked out in the end with more peace of mind for you.
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