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  1. Got my refund yesterday. Was for April 27 cruise.
  2. Yep. I think Princess deserves to go with at least 4 ships with multiple coronavirus deaths. All the medallions in the world don't overcome that. But I think HAL will be the sacrificial lamb, which is a pity given the professionalism of the HAL officers and crew. I always felt safe with HAL. I'll be royally pissed if our star status doesn't go with us to Princess. Although I'm not sure I could stomach Princess' big ships. Diamond Princess was too big for us, although a beautiful ship.
  3. You know, we all respond differently. No judgement is needed. BTW the judging going on here is why I seldom come to cruise critic. I wish Westie and her passengers and crew a safe landing. Over and out.
  4. I am not surprised at TbL’s response. We have been using them almost exclusively for tours around the world since 2015 and have always been treated with honesty and compassion.
  5. Marine Traffic is showing DiaPrin at sea outside the Yokohama/Tokyo harbor heading away from shore. Doing 14 knots and have been underway for 4 hrs.
  6. If I were a passenger in an inside cabin on DiaPrin, breathing recirculated air and getting food delivered sporadically, I might be thinking along those lines. BTW have sailed on Diamond Princess around Japan in 2018. She's too big for us, but she is a beautiful ship,
  7. Poor Westie, but at least they’re not (yet) confined to their cabins with sporadic food service as they are on DiaPrin. I bet there are a lot of empty mini-bars by now on that ship.
  8. Not sure this has been posted here yet. https://japantoday.com/category/national/Coronavirus-cases-on-cruise-ship-in-Yokohama-jump-to-61? Westerdam has been refused entry to Japan. “Transport Minister Kazuyoshi Akaba told reporters Japan had asked another cruise ship, the Westerdam, not to make port calls in the country. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had said earlier that non-Japanese passengers on the ship would be denied entry”
  9. They should have taken you to The City Museum of Northern Peoples instead. It's a short walk from The Brick Warehouses. And yes, 3 hrs for the market. PERFECT!
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