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  1. Our trip is not til June 2020 (so excited!). We booked our cabin the other day... just doing some research on the flights to get an idea if air/sea is the way to go or not.
  2. This is my biggest concern... what if I do not like the flight they put us on? Pre or post cruise stay is not an option because I’ll run out of vacation days! Lol #firstworldproblems. A week before the cruise we are flying to Italy to get married.
  3. Did they ask for your flight and seat preference? When did they confirm your flight reservation? I hope they don’t book it last minute and just give us left over seats. I guess that’s my biggest concern.
  4. Hi, seems like you have experience booking air/sea before... I guess my main concern is the type of flights they book. I don’t want to be stuck in a flight that lands so late... maybe that’s just an issue when landing in PPT from LAX, I think there are two flights that day most PG guests mention, one arriving at 5:30am and the other one at 11:30pm? Not sure. It might not be an issue if we are arriving in Fiji and departing in Tahiti. But anyway, back to my concern... did they ask you for your preference when they booked your flight? And also seat assignment preference? And how far out before the trip did they confirm the flight info? I’m anxious that they might do it last minute and select leftover seats. We booked a cruise for June 2020 and they said it’s their “busy” and “popular” month... I just want to make sure we get the best possible options we can for our trip while it’s still early. Thanks for the advice!
  5. Hi guys, we are set on the itinerary for our honeymoon---Fiji, Tonga, Cook Island and FP. Now we are undecided whether to include the air/sea package or not. Do you guys have any advice/experience in this matter? This is our first time to book with PG... no clue if it's better to do the package or not. Thanks in advance!
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