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  1. Go to the casino and tell them you want to cash it in. They will charge you 3%, but you get the rest in cash. Then you can spend as you wish.
  2. I'll be in Savannah in January for a night. Where can I get a cheeseburger for $1.39?
  3. I'd call and change the reservation. I'll be in Berlin on the 2d of November. Robert could stay in the cabin. We like to make new friends on cruises. I haven't told the wife this yet, so if I don't post anymore, call the police.
  4. I was notified two days ago that my e-docs were ready to print. I don't sail till 22 jan, 20. I think that's about 118 days. I have never gotten them prior to 30 days. No complaints, but it did start to make me more anxious to go.
  5. SAS was great, but we landed after 3 PM and the rate was $75.
  6. Rats, I thought I was going to save $412. After I got a call back, I found out that I was going to save $12. My TA paid the gratuities and a special offer of $100 if booked on fathers day which I did. This totaled $400. NCL offer didn't include these offers. Well, anyway, I still am happy for the deal I got and always look forward to my next cruise.
  7. Finally, someone who saved less than me. I'm at a savings of $412 and was complaining (HA) on our sailing of 1/22/2020 out of PC.
  8. I drank nothing but Baileys on the Bliss in march. Each time I ordered one, they asked me if I wanted a double. Don't worry lmb, they will take care of you.
  9. I received five speciality restaurant meals on the Bliss two weeks ago as part of our perks. Prior to boarding I made the reservations. When we went to the restaurants, each time we were asked if we wanted to use our dinner package or put it on our shipboard account. When at the table and ordering, we were limited to a certain extent. Only one entree, two sides, one dessert etc. But, overall each was a great experience and always had plenty to eat.
  10. Trish and Bruce, I thought you guys looked familiar. We were in cabin 9780 on that cruise. We also had the glass below us, but it was a walkway underneath. I counted aft on the cabins and if you didn't want the glass below, you had to go to at least cabin 9786 or higher. Actually, we loved the location as it was so close to the stairs and the elevator. On the bump out though, just remember if you are on your balcony and looking up, you might see people looking down at you, dress appropriately.
  11. As soon as we got on board last week, we hit the interactive screen to book the carts. After entering the information, it kept showing "not accepted". We then went to stand in line in the booking room to make the resv. It went well till I checked my account on the TV screen. It showed 4 charges of $9.95 instead of two charges. I went to customer service and they gave a credit of $9.95 twice. Remember to check your account daily for possible errors.
  12. I ate at Cagneys last tuesday and ordered the shrimp for $4.99. There were 3 huge shrimp which were very good and I had lots of OBC to spend so I didn't mind. Imagine my suprise when I got the receipt and I was not charged for them. Hope NCL doesn't read this.
  13. First time on Bliss and have to say it was the best cruise ever. Couldn't believe there were over 4K persons on board. TA gave us 3 dinners and NCL gave us 2. Went to Cagneys, French, Italian, and the Q-Texas BBQ. Signed up for Mex but decided we would rather have carved turkey in the buffet. I rode the carts and it was worth it. Just be sure you sign up early. They sold out quickly. I went on the water slide which dropped you for the first 20 feet, then went over the side of the ship. Saw a young girl get stuck in the tube. They got her out without a problem. TA gave us $200 OBC and NCL gave us $100 OBC. Couldn't believe both OBC were refundable. I cashed in $200 at the casino and used it for gambling. Won $540 on the slots. First time I left the ship with more cash than I brought on the ship. Now, the downside. We hit the track every morning to exercise about 6 AM. I couldn't believe how many towels and books were on empty chairs at the pool. The warning of being a hog was on the huge screen next to the pool. No one seemed to notice that. After living in Florida for years, I can't sit in the sun anymore for obvious reasons. We always sat at a small table in the shade. We saw a man, woman, and their son sitting on chairs in the sun. Then they would get up and sit in 3 chairs in the shade in front of us. A family were walking around looking for chairs and we indicated that there were chairs available where the 3 had left earlier. Wow, the lady heard us and she stood up in front of us and asked "Do you have a problem"? Jeeze lady. Then the husband chimed in, if you want a chair you have to get there earlier. Other than that episode, I'd say it was our best cruise yet. Service was excellent and we had a great time overall. Cabin 9780 was great too.
  14. Running down to Miami today for the Bliss trip tomorrow. Don't forget to bring some green for Sunday.
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