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  1. I cashed out $100 OBC last Jan, 2020. They gave me $97 cash. 3% charge. Small charge for "free" money. Put it right back in the slots.
  2. Our GD (23 yrs old) sails with us often. We always get her a studio if available. She is booked for a studio on our Dec, 21 cruise on the Escape. She loves them. Studio is very small but has everything you need as far as the room goes. There is a nice lounge at the front of the cabins and they offer snacks and drinks. They even included a bottle of wine with the room. The front door of the lounge is secured and you must use your room fob to enter. People were sitting in the lounge when we went to visit and it was a friendly group. If I was to go single, I would book a studio.
  3. We flew from Florida a few years ago. Long flight, but we considered it part of the vacation. We traveled in May and had a balcony cabin. For me it was to cold to sit outside, even in May. Probably one of the best trips we have been on. Alaska is like nothing else you have seen. A trip well worth it. If you get to Juneau, go to the Red Dog Saloon. Lots of fun. Guy on the guitar and sings popular songs. He asked us the most requested song and of course it was the old "North to Alaska" song. He then asked what was the second most requested song. No one seemed to know. It was "Cheeseburger in Par
  4. I bought at $7.90 and watched it go to $16. Felt good about it and cashed out. Doubled my money in a couple of months. Wait, you say it's at $30 now? Jeeze.
  5. That's good advice. I thought you lost it all on a "No Show". Thanks for the info. I'm gonna do that.
  6. Right you are. I posted earlier my concerns of our 11 year old GS who we have booked on the Dec cruise also. Our final payment is Aug. How can we be sure of his being allowed to cruise? We can't at this time. I'm thinking of cancelling his passage as he is in the same cabin with us, and then if things change and he is allowed to sail, just add him again. He did get "free" 3d person, but the tax and all was over $300. Guess we will have to wait and see.
  7. Aaahhh, St Martin. Loved sitting at the Sunset Bar and Grill watching the planes 50 feet over your head.
  8. Not sure of kids at this time. We are concerned as our grandson (11) is booked to sail with us on 18 Dec. His 12th birthday is 11 Dec. OK, he gets a shot then, but don't you have to wait two weeks? I hope all of this mess is decided soon.
  9. Agree, I thought that was quite Logical.
  10. Hummm, you might want to go to Daytona Beach one time and tell me if you think this is a wealthy community. I got my shots months ago. I really didn't think that this service was due to any donation to the governors election committees.
  11. Yea, I tried to join the navy but they turned me down. They did a background check and found out my parents were married.
  12. Cole, as we used to say in the Army, assumptions are the mother of all F@#$%ups.
  13. Jeeze, I've got two college degrees, but I still had to look up the word, "penultimate".
  14. We too booked the Escape in Dec of 21. Used my FCC to cover the cost so no out of pocket. Hope if it's cancelled, they will extend my FCC.
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