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  1. We too booked the Escape in Dec of 21. Used my FCC to cover the cost so no out of pocket. Hope if it's cancelled, they will extend my FCC.
  2. I called my TA and they have a sale till 31 Dec midnight. I'm booking now and will get $525 OBC. They are calling NCL now to see if I can get another 10% off. I have a FCC which will cover the cruise. Now is we can only go. It's for 18 Dec 2021.
  3. We sailed on her in the early 60's too. My father was in the army stationed in Europe and he was the transportation officer in his unit. He said my mother had a fear of flying so he arraigned for first class tickets for the family. I remember that everything was just perfect and feeling that this first class is kinda nice.
  4. Hey, were you on the Bliss when you found that $40 voucher? See my Dec 12 post.
  5. Good and bad. I was playing the slots on the Bliss and was lucky to win $40 on the quarter machines. I stuck the winning ticket in my pocket and went to a show in the atrium . After a few drinks I was slouching in my seat and you can guess what happened. After I reached into my pocket to cash out the ticket, I realized it had fallen out of my pocket. I went to the lost and found but no one turned in the ticket, Ha!
  6. Bought at $7.9 early this year. Got scared due to the election. Sold at $16. Made a nice profit. Wait, the stock is at $26? Oh well, that's the market for you.
  7. Aaahhh, now were back on track with the subject. Your right, I bought at $13.82, and it looks like about $15.80 this AM. Still a couple of bucks ahead and watching closely. I'm a gambler and I'm riding the waves of the market. My personal opinion is that all the three big lines will survive. I play the game for fun, so there's no life changing money involved which makes it fun.
  8. I got on here to check out opinions on the CCL stock. What's with all the stats on dead people?
  9. We will always remember our first cruise on the Monarch of the Seas. Had the best time on that old ship. Probably the only thing I did wrong was thinking it was a good idea to get on stage for the Love and Marriage Game Show.
  10. I wish I had seen this before I retired as a Police Officer.
  11. Happy birthday! I thought I was the only one who loved that show.
  12. When we lived in NC, we would fly out of RDU or Charlotte on Allegiant Airlines into Orlando/Sanford airport. Sure there are no frills but for an hour and ten minute flight I could survive without a bag of peanuts. I paid $25 for a one way ticket. But they got me flying back, they upped the price. I paid $29. Check them out.
  13. Agree. So far my only cruise stock which is down is RCL. Bought at 57, now it's 52.Bought CCL at 13 and NCL at 7.9. Those are doing well at this point. Only have one airline stock (ALGT) which I bought at 94 and it's up to 110 as of yesterday. Some days are nervous, but I think in the long term all will do well. Hope I'm right!
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