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  1. jaydeemdm2013

    5 day cruise now £129

    me and my son booked the 14th Nov at even less some cracking deals
  2. jaydeemdm2013

    PREZIOSA to Brazil November 10th 2013

    [quote name='Hotshot80']Hi it is surprising how few Brits seem to be aware of Cruise Critic generally and the Roll Calls specifically. I was on a cruise earlier this year and although there were 647 Brits on board the Celebrity Infinity, unusually out numbering Americans , there were only 19 Brits registered on the Roll Call. It is a great web site for getting to know fellow passengers before the cruise and it is possible to arrange private shore excursions at a fraction of the price of the ships excursions, but then it looks as though the majority of Brits are risk adverse and would rather pay through the nose to " make sure the boat does not leave without them". I have been on numerous private excursions and have never come close to missing the ship. The private tour operators do not want to get a bad reputation for their passengers "missing the boat". Look forward to talking to your brother, regards, Harold[/QUOTE] Thanks Harold. I must say I am fairly new to this site having. I love cruising and been on a few but seems some just live on boats with the long list of cruises people put. Though if I had the funds I would do that as well. Though with prices as good as they are now I have been on two cruises this year and thinking about a third and already have a mini cruise booked next year. Thinking I may be getting a bit carried away.
  3. jaydeemdm2013

    PREZIOSA to Brazil November 10th 2013

    Hi all, My brother has just told me that he booked this cruise just this evening lucky lucky one he is. Has only came off the MSC Musica in April as well from Brazil. I will let him know there is this roll call as it is a good idea. Shame there were so few for when I traveled on the MSC Opera last month or Cunard. Hopefully people will notice this site more in time though.
  4. jaydeemdm2013

    MSC OPERA 9th May 2013

    Hi is anyone going on this 9 night cruise from Genoa to Southampton. I am a single parent travelling.