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  1. Went to pay my RCCL credit card yesterday and saw that my refund was posted in the last week or so. I really didn't expect it to be that quick.
  2. Price and home port first, then itinerary, then ship.
  3. I get emails and am also starting to get snail mail offers from Carnival. NCL always sends me a few mailers per year, but it has been rare to get mailers from Carnival. I would love to book a cruise for 2022, but due to DD preexisting condition, I never book without buying insurance immediately. And that ain't cheap 😖
  4. We flew to Orlando and drove a rental car to Key West several years ago. We spent a week in a bed and breakfast. It was like stepping back in time. It was the most relaxing vacation we have ever had. So many things to see and do, or do nothing and enjoy that as well. Sunset at Mallory Square was so much fun.
  5. We are going to an Air B&B lake house with the kids and grands. An hour from home with swimming, fishing, kayaks, and lots of room for the grands to run and play. Not the cruise to Grand Cayman with the turtle farm that was cancelled last July. But after a year of staying home, we are going to have an awesome time together.
  6. At least this ends the uncertainty of Alaskan cruises. Our Quantum sailing had already been cancelled. It's good to at least be able to get our refund and make other plans. Very disappointing, but it's a lot easier for me to deal with facts instead of speculation.
  7. We have sailed in the port forwardmost cove on Breeze and starboard forwardmost cove on Magic. Both were great cabins, and we wouldn't hesitate to book again. Very quiet, with only one neighboring balcony.
  8. After our RC Quantum Alaskan cruise was cancelled yesterday, I requested a refund. For the first time since about 2014, we have no cruises booked. Never thought when we stepped off the Breeze in March of last year that we wouldn't be cruising again in July 2020 with the kids and grands. Now, I really think it will be 2022 before things start back up, and we won't book till we see how "normal" the cruises will be. I would be willing to wear a mask, but if ship sponsored excursions are required, that's going to put things out of our price range. We cruise cheaper so we can cruise more
  9. Not surprised that our August 30th sailing is cancelled. I'm glad they are cancelling so far out. We were discussing moving to Serenade with our cruising friends, but honestly I do not see any Alaska cruises until at least 2022. We'll probably take the refund and book an AirBNB along the coast so we can still meet up.
  10. First cruises I've been truly excited about in months. We are booked on Quantum to Alaska end of August, but I really don't think that will happen. Still not booking yet, but my fingers are getting itchy 😁
  11. I agree. Anyone who has a concern should definitely speak with their own doctor. At the end of the day, we will all just have to weigh the information and make the decision that we feel is right for ourselves.
  12. We have sailed from Barcelona. We enjoyed our time in the city and would love to visit there again.
  13. I had my doctor appt this morning. He advised me to take the vaccine since there are no common ingredients between IVP dye and the vaccine. He does recommend to all his staff and patients that they wait in their car 20 to 30 minutes after receiving the injection just to be sure they are not going have a severe reaction. He views the risks as extremely low and less likely than a serious complication from Covid19. Just my experience, but I am delighted to be able to receive the vaccine when my turn comes.
  14. I have a history of anaphylactic reaction to IVP dye. I am going to ask my doctor what his recommendations are for me to safely be vaccinated. Then I will follow that guidance and be vaccinated at the earliest time that I can. Personally, I would rather risk the reaction than to possibly die a slow death from Covid. Chances of either are very slim, and anaphylaxis can be treated effectively. Covid--not so much. Just my personal opinion.
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