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  1. Kudos to all who want to be among the first to sail. DD has an autoimmune disorder which causes blood clotting, so we'll wait till things settle down. We are booked on Quantum to Alaska 8-30-21, but if it's not realistically safe by then, we'll rebook later.
  2. Our family cruise for July was cancelled. We have booked an Alaskan cruise for end of August 2021 with our cruising friends. Spent the family cruise refund on new living room furniture. Credit card companies probably think we have died. I work from home anyhow, so really haven't been affected as far as my job goes.
  3. Thank you!! Nothing like a Reuben 😁
  4. We are booked on Quantum of the Seas out of Seattle next August. DH is excited about Alaska, less so about the food being mostly Asian inspired. I realize the specialty restaurants are likely to stay the same, but I would think the MDR and Windjammer (if it still exists post Covid) would serve a wider variety of foods on an Alaskan cruise vs cruising out of China. We've only cruised RCCL twice so not really familiar with usual menus and food choices. We are joining cruise friends, so ship was their choice. Any thoughts on what menus are likely to be? Silly question, I know, but enquiring minds and all.... Thanks!
  5. Wonder if these can be bought with OBC and FCC?
  6. Hope it's not two day shipping--that'd make me sad to have to get off the ship days before the non-primes 😭
  7. We live about 45 min north of Nashville, and BNA is our usual airport. We have had excellent luck booking American Airlines flights to Miami. Very reasonable prices available (pre-Covid of course) and there are enough flights daily that a cancellation or delay isn't usually that big of a deal. Nashville is a great place to visit even though we aren't country music fans. The Old Spaghetti Factory downtown is a family favorite. Lots of fun places to eat downtown--we also enjoyed Demos.
  8. That's a huge loss even with all the furloughs. Such a shame
  9. 1) Never get in the pool/hot tub anyhow. Pee soup 2) NO mask if I did get in pool. 3) I would think the risk of Noro would be higher than Covid in the pool 4) Like a giant bandaid---can't say I wouldn't have been tempted when the kids were little (just kidding--mostly) 5) Not likely 6) If you smell like bleach strongly enough, people will social distance from you
  10. 1) Crew--always amazing 2) Cabin size 3) Value--we can't beat Carnival prices unless we are taking grands and get a kids sail free deal
  11. I was beginning to get worried, especially since I only got email confirmation for two cancellations. I cancelled before final payment and only had deposits paid, so that might make a difference? Hope yours shows up soon!
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