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  1. Just completed the 117 piece one. Now can someone tell me what excuse I give DH as to why dinner isn't ready???:eek:
  2. Ms Oosterdam March 17, 2017 14-Day Southern Caribbean Tampa - Tampa Thanks Jacqui, Barb
  3. My personal recommendation would be on Deck 4 towards the aft. The Port and Starboard Veranda staterooms on Deck 4, Upper Promenade, are 7.5 ft. in depth and with the exception of true aft facing verandas the widest on the Vista class ships. Since there will be several of you out on the veranda for viewing the extra space will be helpful. There are several VC staterooms aft of the rear elevators. No obstructions from life boats, very quite and it seems as if those elevators are your "own private" lifts as there is never a wait.
  4. Make you a deal Emerson... I'll grab the silver serving tray for you if you'll carry off 4 of the smaller hot water carafes that Room Service brings filled with my hot tea water. :D Can't find the darn things anywhere. :(
  5. Just had the Snickers Cake on the Oosterdam and would love to have that recipe. Would you post it please? Many thanks!
  6. Last year in your of the Noordam you said you had gotten the recipe for the Snickers Cake. I had it for the 1st time on the Oosterdam last month and I'd really really really (get the message ;)) like to have it. If you can post it fine, but if you'd rather email it to me let me know and I'll give you my address. Thanks, Barb
  7. Yep only 1 Customs official until 800am. We were on that same disembarkation. Listening to the announcements it sounded as if passengers were not following directions and creating congestion for the color/numbers being called. That always adds to a delay. Even with all that we were only 15 minutes behind being called to disembark and once into the terminal things seemed to be moving smoothly but a bit slow. We encountered something similar last spring. Since this seems to becoming the norm any one would be foolish to book a very early flight. Long gone are the days when you could book a 900a-1000a flight.
  8. Wow what a wonderful start, thanks again for letting us join you on this adventure.
  9. Ruth has described the "shower only" bathroom to a tee. We just got off the Oosterdam with a "shower only" stateroom and loved it. The extra counter and under the sink storage was wonderful and the shower was soooo much better than the itty bitty ones on Princess. We are now going to attempt to book only "shower only" staterooms.
  10. It was our opinion that there perhaps seemed to be a few less people in the Lido at dinner than there has been in the past. But it is possible that was due to our timing as we normally went between 645p & 700p which might have been a tad late for some. The one night we went earlier so that we could make the 1st show it did seem busier. I'm still of the opinion that what we noticed was just due to cut backs that I'm sure HAL (and other lines) are making to keep the price of cruising down so I guess I really shouldn't complain too loudly. I did note my comments on the surveys as I really want the made to order sandwiches back. :o We always eat in the Lido as dinner in the dining room can take far to long for our taste. When we sail Princess we also dine in the Caribe every night. Along with being very laid back cruisers and while being waited on in the dining room is wonderful we enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the "buffet" and find we eat far less than when ordering off the menu.
  11. We were also on this cruise and I agree with all Linda said. My additional comments are about some of the food in the Lido. The Pre-Made sandwiches just have to GO! I don't need all that bread at lunch so I used to order my sandwiches "without bread". I did pick up one sandwich the day they had egg salad and then removed all the innards. I must have ended up with about 2 tablespoons of egg salad, one limp piece of lettuce and a rather unripe piece of tomato. What a waste! For those of us who do not want to eat a heavy lunch that pretty much left only salad and fruit for lunch. Must say though that the new salad bar and the huge green bowls are great. The other two cut backs I noticed were at dinner in the Lido. In the past there were "several" selections of appetizers and on this cruise there were only 2 each night, a fruit cup and a cold soup. Gone were any kind of shrimp cocktails, prosciutto & melon, etc. Additionally the main entrées were very heavy on pork and chicken. Beef offerings seemed to be very limited. Now, all that said we always found something to eat but it was a bit disappointing.
  12. No snow :eek: in our forecast just more rain, high winds, possible hail and tornados. Sure wish it were Saturday as that is when we leave for Ft. Lauderdale. :D
  13. Sail while I'm not in the least bit convinced that "it finds it's way into HAL computers for safety reasons" I am convinced that even if it did that the HAL wizard computer techies (that really was a joke wasn't it) wouldn't have a clue of what to do with it. It was really that not having been a 1st time cruiser for many a year I wasn't sure just what inquiring minds might be asking now and nothing would surprise me. ;) For the sake of community I'm going to assume that the "you" in your response was not directed at me and therefore I won't take offence. And, if it's okay with you I won't be using a HAL provided wind safe ashtray or any other type as I have no need for such.
  14. Golly what have I missed. :confused: :confused: Are they now asking 1st time HAL cruisers, those people without a Mariner Number, if they smoke? Without that piece of data I don't understand how any 'wizard computer techies' could give them that number. First time Hal cruisers - yes, verandah bookers - yes, but smokers.... I don't think so. And if you are implying that all 1st time HAL cruisers who book verandah staterooms are smokers then HAL is in big trouble. Assuming (:o) that all the statistics passionately provided by folks on this thread stating that only 20% of the entire population smokes and then figuring that less than .00001% of that 20% might take a cruise just how is HAL going to fill it's ships? While I'm not real bright I'm really confused by your statement. :eek:
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