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  1. Jacqui I guess it is actually a "collector" as it is under one booking number combining 3/16/22 Southern Caribbean Wayfarer and 3/27/22 Southern Caribbean Seafarer
  2. Jacqui please add REGNIG to 16 March 2022 N. Statendam B2B 21 days Thanks for all you work keeping this up!
  3. My vote for 2nd qtr 2022 was based on selfishness since that's when my next cruise is scheduled for.
  4. If you do that I want one please! 😃
  5. Hey that's a cool flashlight! Were I you I'd call the Mariner Society phone number and see if they can replace it. If not, perhaps an email to the new HAL president would do the trick. Keep us posted as to your progress. 😉
  6. The situation, better said problem, with attempting to select you own stateroom has been going on for at least 2 weeks. I've spent more time than i would like to admit watching their little circle spin round and round before i finally get an error page. Finally called my TA yesterday and she had problems with their system also. She finally just said she would have to call HAL.
  7. Another slightly different question about FCC due to Covid cancelations. While cruising 02/20 we booked an 03/22 cruise using the FCD as deposit. Needless to say that cruise has been canceled. Wording on the 11/20/20 email from HAL informing us of such and offering the FCC has me just a bit confused. In part it reads .... "you will receive double the amount deposited (as a FCC)...... This credit will waive the required deposit on your next booking on a voyage up to 29 days in length." The mail goes on to say "THE FUTURE CRUISE CREDITS ARE VALID FOR 12 MONTHS FROM THE DATE OF ISSUE AND M
  8. Same situation here. Originally FCD for 14 day March 21 cruise along with great OBC. Am I correct by what you all are saying that we will get to keep the OBC also? I am sad though as I would much prefer to take that cruise rather than come out ahead money wise. Oh well, "you can't always get what you want"!
  9. Is this an xlsx listing that you put together based on the words in the CDC paper work or did you get this information from HAL themselves? We are booked on the 3/19 15 day cruise on the Volendam and have heard nothing from HAL and it still shows on HAL's website. Thanks!
  10. I did the same thing this past spring. The original booking was like yours made on board another sailing and came with several perks & OBC. HAL charged no fees and let my daughter have all the perks and OBC.
  11. I was on the same cruise and found all the crew/staff just wonderful. About 2 months after the Koningsdam sailed out of Ft Lauderdale with no passengers there was an article by the Cruise Director Christine LaVonna that went into great detail about that time period with no passengers but almost a full staff of crew. She also told about her adventure in finally getting home. I have found and update by her out on PortHold (dot) com that if you just Google her name you
  12. I'd suggest anyone not getting emails to go back into HAL's site and make certain they are opted IN for emails. And additionally make certain that HAL emails do not end up in SPAM or JUNK mail. I have a cruise for late spring 2021 that was booked while onboard the Koningsdam in February and then turned it over to my TA. And, I'm just a lowly 3 star Mariner. I get an Email from HAL, on average once every 2 weeks, either advertising their current sale offering; a private sale; an onboard feature; or a feature destination. The only "snail" mail I get comes from other lines in the Carniva
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