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  1. 4 hours ago, Suzanne123 said:

    Give HAL a call.  When my husband passed away, I was able to substitute my daughter with no problem.

    I did the same thing this past spring.  The original booking was like yours made on board another sailing and came with several perks & OBC.  HAL charged no fees and let my daughter have all the perks and OBC.

  2. I was on the same cruise and found all the crew/staff just wonderful.

    About 2 months after the Koningsdam sailed out of Ft Lauderdale with no passengers there was an article by the 

    Cruise Director Christine LaVonna that went into great detail about that time period with no passengers but almost a full staff of crew.  She also told about her adventure in finally getting home.  I have found and update by her out on PortHold (dot) com that if you just Google her name you will find.  i'm still hunting for her original saga and if i can find it i'll let you know.

  3. I'd suggest anyone not getting emails to go back into HAL's site and make certain they are opted IN for emails. And additionally make certain that HAL emails do not end up in SPAM or JUNK mail. 

    I have a cruise for late spring 2021 that was booked while onboard the Koningsdam in February and then turned it over to my TA. And, I'm just a lowly 3 star Mariner.  I get an Email from HAL, on average once every 2 weeks, either advertising their current sale offering;  a private sale; an onboard feature; or a feature destination.  The only "snail" mail I get comes from other lines in the Carnival group.

  4. 28 minutes ago, IPB4IGO said:

    It refers only to Carnival Cruises, not to the Carnival parent company.  The press release includes:


    Beginning August 1, we may operate cruises on the following ships:

    • Galveston:  Carnival Dream, Carnival Freedom and Carnival Vista
    • Miami:  Carnival Horizon, Carnival Magic and Carnival Sensation
    • Port Canaveral:  Carnival Breeze and Carnival Elation.

    (red added by regnig)

    Yea and I "may" win the lottery.  I sure wouldn't want to take a chance that early but that's just me.

  5. Rich I wanted to add my thanks for you taking the time for these posting. Some days they are the only pleasant thing I can find to read.  Missed your menu today but guess a left over day is called for us all. 

    How very true "You never know how many friends you have until you rent a house on the
    beach" is!   



  6. Please understand though that if you purchase it now or at any time prior to final payment if you cancel your cruise you will still have to pay the cost of that insurance.  Our very trusted TA advised us long ago to wait until final payment to make the purchase.  

  7. cjmayes51 I couldn't have said it better. The response here on CC has been so heartwarming and goes to show that the world if full of very wonderful and caring people.  Their outreach to a complete stranger and her family has been touching.  May their days be filled with blessings of love, peach, joy and good health.

    Now we all need to make certain that we "pay it forward" by doing what we can for others during this difficult time. Even the smallest act can and will make a difference to someone else.

  8. I had the pleasure of spending a good deal of time with your Mom (yep, I'm one of those "people" too) and she is such a wonderful person.  I was also on the 2/23 cruise so we talked daily for 21 days.  Hopefully your folks were or are able to get home since their plans of going through the Panama Canal were aborted. Please tell her Barb sends her best.


    While I don't disagree with most of your review of the cruise I must admit the entertainment I attended was pretty darn good for HAL compared to the past.  The Step One Dance Company was very good and gave 3 performances  on both cruises.  Brian the 

    comedian on the 2/23 cruise and Jo Little on the 3/4 sailing were both laugh till you cry funny.  Nothing like the normal cruise ship comedians with the same old jokes.  I think HAL is attempting to improve day time activities as they at least reinstated Music Trivia at the Sea View pool a couple of times each sailing. 

  9. Sorry if this is a repeat, just got home and haven't had time to read through all the posts.  I just spent 21 days on the KDam and I just don't have enough great words for HAL as to how the 2/23 and 3/04 cruises were handled. They were just GREAT under the worst of circumstances.  The ship was kept sparkling clean from top to bottom and we had NO cases of the virus.  The captain keep us updated as to what the different islands were doing and when St Kitts would not allow any ships to dock made arrangement to go to Antigua only to have them turn us away at the very last moment.  Everyone on board received a $100 obc for something that was certainly not HAL's fault. The Kdam is now going to head around SA to reposition for the Alaska season.  Employees who were either at the end of their contract or very close have been sent home but the remainder will consider along with the ship.  Since there will be no passengers hopefully all those hard working people will get a bit of rest over the next 40 some day.  As always there were passengers who complained the entire trip over the most inane things but for the most part passengers were upbeat and "going with the flow".

    More later but in MHO HAL rocks!!!

  10. I'm having a senior moment 🙄 and just can't remember the exact check in procedure.  I'm taking a BtoB sailing on the Koningsdam on 2/23 and then my DD will join me on 3/4 for the second leg.  I've registered the CC for both legs against my Credit Card.  My question deals with when DD checks in on 3/4 will they want to see that CC?  I can and will get off and meet her in the check in area if I need but would prefer not to do so.  So, somebody with a better memory than I please advise. 

  11. Gee thank you all so much for this information.  Over the last 12 years we have always driven to our departure port but this year I find myself flying to/from.  I followed the link provided and got myself and DD all signed up.  I sure won't miss the "Where's My Luggage" game in the least followed by the hunt for a porter.  😄

  12. 1 hour ago, frankc98376 said:

    How well I remember sliding as far down in the seat as I could and holding a magazine in front of my face thinking "please don't see me" 😁 


    41 minutes ago, freestyling said:

    Ha..to this day I hate making eye contact when the gate agent boards the plane before securing the door! Nothing worse than getting pulled at the last minute from the plane. Oh the joys of non rev travel. 

    Yep, been there done that.  I was fortunate that my job, for a period of time,  gave me the ability to see in advance the "actual" number of bookings compared to the actual number of seats on any flight sometimes causing a change of plans on my part.  When I changed job positions within the company that capability was never taken away from me and so I retained a slight edge.

  13. Now I will admit it was years ago but when I was an airline employee the first rule we were told about was DO NOT TALK about interline fares and discounts.  The second rule was that nothing was guaranteed.  We could be asked to get up and deplane as there was a full paying customer that needed our seat and smile while you did so.  When it came to interline cruises one could pack their bags, head to a pier and find themselves still there as the ship pulled away.  It's a shame the OP doesn't appreciate the opportunity he/she has, take advantage of when he/she can and keep his/her mouth shut.

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