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  1. Just a thank you for all who have responded to my original post. I will go ahead and book this in advance and also see to it that DD reads all the posts for the helpful hints as to how to use the service. She will be greatly relieved she can be in touch with kids 24/7. Thanks again!
  2. Will be sailing on the Koningsdam 3/4 an 11 day cruise and am taking my adult daughter with me. She would like to be able to keep in contact with her 3 kids of varying ages during this cruise. She will have the Verizon international plan on her iPhone that she can use at most of the port stops but she would be more comfortable being able to contact them from the ship at all times. I've checked the internet plan offered by HAL in advance of sailing and they have a PREMIUM INTERNET PLAN for $151.99 that can be booked in advance. Should I just go ahead and reserve this now or wait until she boards the ship? We have a bundle of OBC either given at booking and an additional $500 (thanks to you great CC members) that I got as a result of the AmEx offer. The important thing is for her to have the service and I'm not of the mind to worry about nickels and dimes at this point, just want to do what is really the best under the circumstance. So bottom line is Do I book it now or wait until onboard the ship? Many thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Added the offer to my card on Sunday 11/17. I then went into HAL's site and purchased 5 X $100 OBC for a total of $500. I just checked my American Express statement on-line and it shows Receipt File: Nov 17 2019 HOLLAND AMERICA WEB ORDER - SEATTLE, WA $500.00 and then Nov 19 2019 HOLLAND AMERICA WEB ORDER - SEATTLE, WA -$100.00 With an Offer Credit Details that reads You saved $100.00 with this offer So YEA, it worked! 😁
  4. Yes, 5 x $100 is correct. Yes if you cancel you will get it back. I really do not think you can double up as I believe it is one per "account" not one per each issued card but - I'll have to dig out my paper work to be certain.
  5. Many thanks for the link to use. I have a Hilton AM EX and that site accepted it and added the offer to my card. I then went to HAL site and purchased $500 OBC. I then received email telling me my purchase qualified for the $100 back. Can't imagine just how AM Ex would have any idea as to when I booked my cruise (last spring) but guess only time will tell as my cruise isn't until March. Heck, we'll spend the OBC anyway and if it ends up only costing us $400 all the better. So- thanks again for the link! 🙂
  6. Beachnut53 I believe you are going on the Nieuw Statendam and if so you will find an abundance of outlets through out your stateroom. There’s plenty of power in the room. Each night stand has US and USB outlets. The desk has USB/US on the right, USB/Euro outlets in the middle, and another US/Euro outlet on the left. Each bath has a shaver outlet.
  7. And, just so you are not checking you real "snail mail" mailbox daily, be aware HAL does not actually "mail" documents. HAL expects you to use your electronic equipment to access them and then your printer and paper to print them. BUT, since you said you were using a TA they themselves might print them out and mail them to you once you have completed all the necessary on-line registration. Mine does just that along with more baggage tag holders. I have enough of those that I could start a tag holder shop! 😮
  8. Like the majority, keep it neat but have never "cleaned" with any product. After all our cruises on either Princess, HAL or others we have never gotten ill. We just practice that wash, wash, and wash again our hands.
  9. When we booked on board in March for 2020 we got the above OBC plus OBC equal to the "Welcome Home" offer we would have gotten had we waited until we did actually return. For us it doubled out total HAL OBC. Since we have been home we have had our TA re-fare out cruise twice for better base fares & perks and at no time have we lost our original OBCs. I have read that some have not had the same situation.
  10. ALWAYS, ALWAYS check more than once if you don't get an answer you like! Our TA called HAL yesterday afternoon to see if we could get the free HSC on our two booking 2/23/20 and 3/4/20 and was told "No, it is for new bookings only." She called HAL again this AM and without any controversy was immediately given the free HSC on our bookings. No loss of OBC or any change to our deposits. YEA, life is good!😀
  11. Yes please Copper tell us what that "strange" stuff on that plate was.
  12. We have gotten to the point where we treat our Caribbean cruises the same as one would an All Inclusive resort. With a couple of exceptions we don't even get off the ship at most ports. We have a couple of times done a "day package" at certain hotels right on a beach but in all honesty those still tend to make a day a bit hectic with all the getting to and back one must do. It can be rather nice to sit by the pool just relaxing onboard while most others are out attempting to spend lots of money at jewelry stores or just site seeing. Now, in all fairness, I will admit we live 5 minutes from the beach here which stops us from hunting ones down on the visited islands.
  13. Certainly agree with what kauz has said. Not worth the extra money.
  14. We really do enjoy some piped in music at the Sea View pool. They used to have a good variety of music and kept the volume at level that did not disturb most people. We also enjoyed the Music Trivia played at least once on a sea day out there. Based on the number of people who gathered to play I'd say it was enjoyed by many other. Heck, we may be old(er) but we aren't dead either! 😏
  15. Or you can call Ship Services at 1-800-541-1576, in advance of your cruise giving them any credit card number you would like. I would though ask them to send email confirmation as it will not appear on your other documents. When you fill out your 1st laundry slip just mark "unlimited" and add a note "prepaid".
  16. Kruzer Zuker I'm not certain what you mean by "Is it still available". We received our reduction based on the current published fares vice the fares we had as a result of booking this last March. The new reduced fares were not the result of any "special", just a reduction in the fares. If you currently have a HAL cruise booked simply do a dummy booking and see if the regular price has gone down. The price reduction we got was for the Koningsdam 2/23/30 and 3/4/20.
  17. Dave, thanks for this heads up. We have two booking for the spring and saved a total of $798.50. Many thanks!!
  18. tgetz you were not just dreaming about the "moving drawers" situation. At some time a couple or few years ago several people on this board reported that happening. Perhaps it pertained only on the smaller ships but I seem to remember it was done that way on the Vista's too but apparently that practice has stopped. 😞
  19. The thread you are speaking of was earlier this week. There is a posting on it by AtlantaCruiser72 that says - "HAL has recently allowed pre-payment of tips, but have not made it widely known - I only discovered it by accident one day!!! Travel agents can go into the POLAR booking system and add under gifts and services, but payment via CC MUST be applied at the time they are added. I would assume HAL agents can do the same" Hope this helps.
  20. While I'm not going to lecture about what HAL does or does not allow I am confused about this "adjoining" issue. In your original posting that caused all sorts of discussion about non-Neptune passengers using Neptune benefits you specifically said, and I quote (bolding mine), "So she came back the next day with an offer on an SB and the L right across the hall but not adjoining. The SB is an Aft wrap-around balcony on Deck 6." Something here just isn't right. 🤔 Having a duplicate set of room key cards made so that you or your brother can access the inside L stateroom does not make them connecting. Additionally lets get real, the only thing that connects an SB to an L are two doors with an open passenger hallway between. If your experienced learned TA really told your that she must have been smoking something real strange that day.
  21. I'll have to start using the "leave a message page" from now on. My current way of saying Thank You to both the great folks that do the laundry but also those that deal with the Breakfast Room Service cards is to write a very brief note on those forms thanking them, wishing them a wonderful day and including a 😊.
  22. I believe the reference to "only get one bag" is that normally there is only "one" bag in your stateroom that gets replaced every time laundry is returned. If you want to send out more laundry than will fit in "one" bag on any given day just ask your room steward for another. "Unlimited" means just that, you can send as much as you want everyday if you want.
  23. I don't believe so as there have been a couple of time where my TA actually had to call to get us the stateroom we wanted. But since that was several years ago maybe HAL's "new" system has changed that. KK you still can do that. You have to plow through several screens to get there but it is still possible.
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