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  1. Roz did you have time to make that call today
  2. And, if those balcony rooms are next to each other have your room steward unlock the door between the balconies. That will give you a balcony twice in length and makes it easier to mingle with each other.
  3. WONDERFUL!! Just goes to show that it never hurts to ask.
  4. cat's picture is identical to the bathroom(s) we have had on the Koningsdam. In fact we were on deck 7 for our last two cruises, regular veranda stateroom, and will there again in the spring. Bathroom overall is no smaller from other standard HAL or Princess ships. Sorry your NS came with something smaller. Love, just love the shower!
  5. Question please. If the Oostie was in the process of docking at the time would it still have been under the control of the harbor pilot? If so, who bears the liability?
  6. If there is a single person who reads that doesn't laugh out loud then they have A REAL PROBLEM. Loved, just loved it! 😂
  7. Okay lets see what happens when I click the Submit Reply button. IT FINALLY WORKED, JENN IS A GENIUS - SHE FIXED IT!!!
  8. I'm starting this thread to see if I can post a reply to it.
  9. hated to start another thread but I deleted everything suggested and still nothing posts when attempting to "Reply" on my own thread. Strange as I can successfully "Reply" to posts that I have not started.
  10. I've been attempting for 2 days to "Submit Reply" on a thread with no luck. When I click the Submit Reply button it momentarily goes gray but then nothing happens and my reply is still just sitting there unposted. If it makes any different this is happening on a thread where I was the originally OP. Note - just tried to Reply on this and had no success.
  11. Next spring good friend & husband are going along with me & hubby on 10 day out of FLL. At the end of that cruise we are throwing hubbbies off the ship and she and I will then do the 11 day cruise and each of us will be staying in our original staterooms. How will HAL handle our Cruise Cards for the second portion of our cruise? Can we get off the ship with husbands to make certain they get their proper luggage and out of the cruise terminal? They are accustomed to us gals handling those kind of details and may need a bit of direction. If HAL will permit us to get off the ship to see them off can we then immediately get back on the ship or must we wait until "regular" boarding time for the 11 day cruise? We do know that at some point later we will have to get back off so HAL can 0 count the ship but since husbands will be doing early departure it would be nice to be allowed back on the ship until that time. Thanks, any help would be appreciated for our planning purposes.
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