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  1. Yes Bob, see you soon. We leave Orange County about 10:30 for the relativity short drive to the pier. Will not be long now. By the way, do you realize that you past 37,000 posts either yesterday or today??? Congrats.
  2. To have the CC Boards down yesterday without a prior word to the members, seemed very inconsiderate. However, maybe it was not planned and they had no control. Regardless, we are up and running now and I also will be boarding the Star today with Bob and Holli. So looking forward to this cruise.
  3. Too bad as that would have great if you could have seen each other. But you can now wave her ship good bye today in the harbor
  4. Hey Bob, do you think Jo might be staying there too? I am not sure where she said she was staying as she leaves tomorrow on the Bliss.
  5. Thanks Jo and you have a great time on your Panama Canal cruise also. Bon Voyage to all of us
  6. And I look forward to sailing along with Bob on this cruise. Only a few more days until we board. I am very ready for this cruise also. It is always fun to cruise with Bob and Holli.
  7. CruisinLow

    Lerwick/Shetland Tours

    Just went to his website and the most he can accommodate is 8 people; I have 13 so unfortunately, I cannot use him. However, appreciate the lead and the accolades on his service.
  8. CruisinLow

    Lerwick/Shetland Tours

    Thank you also for this information. How many were in your group? Do you think he can handle 13? I will get in touch with him.
  9. CruisinLow

    Lerwick/Shetland Tours

    Than you so much. I will contact Tour Shetland then. This is what is so great about Cruise Critic. What did we ever do in the past?? Oh, I know, we paid more for ship's tours. Thanks again.
  10. Anyone have any experience with a tour in Lerwick. Arrive there in May, 2019 Appreciate any information on a private tours in that area. Thank you
  11. CruisinLow

    Slot Pull: Questions on how to organize

    Thank you so much Tom for the kudos. I really do like some of your ideas that you have as to how to collect all the money and the fact that you have a slot for flyer. Enjoy your pending cruise and I will be emailing you for a copy of the flyer. Bon Voyage
  12. CruisinLow

    Slot Pull: Questions on how to organize

    Karon, I am not Tom but I do have a spreadsheet as well as instructions if you would like me to forward them to you. Please post your email address and I will send them to you. Or email me at cruzqueen@verizon.net and Indicate that you want Slot Pull Instructions.
  13. CruisinLow

    Princess Cruise ship Cruise Director list

    Tom, There is no make counterpart organization that I am aware of. However, Red Hatters wear purple outfits and Red Hats. Unless it is your Birthday month and then you wear a Red outfit and a purple hat. Many wear feathers in their hats or boas and you will see plenty of feathers floating around all over the ship. And BLING galore. These ladies dress up every night! ! ! ! Give us report after you return and have a blast
  14. CruisinLow

    Princess Cruise ship Cruise Director list

    OMG, those Red Hat ladies are wild and crazy ! ! ! I am a Red Hatter and have been to several conventions but not sure I would want to cruise with lots of them. WOW best of luck on that cruise in April. But it will be lots and lots of laughs.
  15. CruisinLow

    Slot Pull: Questions on how to organize

    Just sent the instructions and spreadsheet to your email.