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  1. Dwalkerdave

    Guarantee cabin category question

    What grade was that ? DE ?
  2. Dwalkerdave

    ventura carpet referb from 9th dec

    Are you serious about cancelling ? Unbelievable, if you have health issues that would be affected by this work you are brave going in the first place not knowing what painting, varnishing etc goes on during most cruises.
  3. Dwalkerdave

    Britannia refit

    As far as I can see she has no cruises scheduled between 7 October and 23 October !!!!!
  4. Dwalkerdave

    Worrying YouTube video - Ventura

    Not sure how much the maintenance team are to busy to paint and repair obvious areas needing attention, I don’t think they are cooking or entertaining me !!!!!!
  5. Dwalkerdave

    Worrying YouTube video - Ventura

    If you look hard enough on any ship you will find this type of wear and tear. It is disappointing it hasn’t been repaired as a visual check by staff would have highlighted all these areas and they could be fixed on turnaround days. Plus ship has just had a refurb which again should find these faults. Not good in my opinion.
  6. Dwalkerdave

    Corkage fee on P&O?

    Sometimes they don’t charge if they can see you will be good buyers most other nights, but as it is a short cruise you might be unlucky. Let us know how you get on.
  7. Dwalkerdave

    Suites on Ventura - C748 and 749

    Curtain only.
  8. When you book a cabin for 3/4 you often get allocated the number quickly as there are only a few of that grade available. I book for 3 and have been allocated a cabin booking saver rate nearly a year before just a few days after booking.
  9. Hi, do you know how specific the possible noise problem is ? If so, you could phone and ask to be moved to another cabin of the same grade. I did that this year when I booked a saver fare and there was no fee. Do a dummy select fare booking to see which cabins are still free. Always take ear plugs. Your cabin is in a nice quiete location and handy for Costa. Theatre, restaurants and shops. Currently P&O only do soft drink package of 20 for £35 and I think 20 ice creams for £25 (I’m sure somebody can tell you the exact ice cream price). You can always take your own soft drinks to save a few £ but can’t take them into restaurants. Who knows what will be available next year as P&O seem to be reviewing their drink offerings/rules. Enjoy.
  10. Dwalkerdave

    Anne Frank excursion

    Hi Andy, yes we booked direct and you choose a time and print off the confirmation. Turn up about 20 minutes early and in you go, if you arrive to early they ask you to go away and come back at your time to prevent massive queues. I think you can only book 3 months in advance, just check the website for details. It is much cheaper than P&O but you do run the risk of not getting in port with Amsterdam. If walking from the ship allow 30-45 minutes. Cheers Dave
  11. Dwalkerdave

    Pre-Registering ?

    What does this entail ? I can see it mentioned in all the literature I am getting from P&O but knowhere does it say what it means and how it works. Thanks
  12. Dwalkerdave

    ventura family suite

    As you get Suite benefits you’ll also enjoy jumping the queue at check in, any tender port and not forgetting the bottle of champagne, chocolates and nightly canapés. Oh yeah, the embarkation buffet and sparkly wine in main restaurant. Enjoy.
  13. Dwalkerdave

    P&O Britannia new booze policy

    You don’t say how many adults are travelling but the 1 litre of spirit per adult could increase your options if all you companions don’t drink much. unless you all drink a lot, 1 litre sounds a lot to me but maybe not !!!!!
  14. Dwalkerdave

    Cabins at back of E deck on Ventura and Azura

    Actually Chris, I have just remembered if you search Orcades Suite on Azura there is a video on Youtube, Ventura is exactly the same but newer sift furnishing colours. Dave
  15. Dwalkerdave

    Cabins at back of E deck on Ventura and Azura

    Hi Chris, if you can send me your email or Facebook name I have a few. Dave.