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  1. Called Captains Club around 6 last night and spoke to Heather. As she was checking to see what the problem was it opened up. Heather said one woman called her 5 times and then she could finally open it. Anyway thanks for the advice on this board in trying to resolve the issue got my points for the day.
  2. The website for Power Up Points on POST 393 doesn't work either. Guess I'll have to call or sign up for email. Any other suggestions ?
  3. Clicked on Captain Club Power Up Points for July 15 and the message was: Page requested not available, try your link again. The content for this link may no longer be available. I also tried to link that someone posted on this posting same message. I've already participated in prior Activity with no problem receiving 5 points. The points listed on this email are wrong but on my cruise record there correct. Would like to hear if anyone else has had this issue before I starting calling and being on hold. Thank you.
  4. Do some of our knowledgeable Summit cruisers know who the new Captain other than Capt. Matt is ? Know one of my favorites Capt. Ioannis I believe is now on Millie.
  5. The promotion was shared at a luncheon we attended 2 weeks ago with the Captain and Senior Officers on Summit that Matt Karandreas Staff Capt. from the Edge would be the new Capt. on the Summit rotation. We are sailing on several Summit cruises next year and look forward to seeing him. We also had dinner with the Capt. and it was confirmed again. Always a great staff and crew on the Summit.
  6. The new Captain on Summit rotation is Matt Karandreas the current Staff Captain on the Edge. He will be starting in August.
  7. Arno I noticed on the Spotlight TV picture of the Summit Officers and Staff a question mark as to who will replace Capt. Charis who went to Millennium. The name you posted was Matt ? I believe it could be Staff Capt. Matt Karandreas from the Edge ?
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