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  1. Eeek! nerves are kicking in... I am boarding Symphony tomorrow. Had the PCR test done on Thursday and still waiting for results. In the meantime should I go get a rapid test? would Royal even take that as a back up if for some reason the PCR is not in by noon tomorrow when I am supposed to board? and yes, I am vaccinated.. Thanks! Susan
  2. This looks nice! Question, since it’s a little further out, did you have any trouble getting a taxi back to port?
  3. I can see where it has been dropped for September sailings but can’t seem to confirm for August
  4. I heard on one of the YouTube vlogs that Royal isn't porting at Falmouth for a bit. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks! Susan
  5. So can you just say you have a cough? 🤷🏻‍♀️
  6. Any idea on how full the next few sailings will be? I’m on August 29th. Thank you and enjoy your cruise! Watched you sail off!
  7. Yes!! I won’t go back through there again!
  8. ok, so I am somewhat now confused. I did receive the email yesterday from Royal. We booked February 23, 2021 and are both fully vaccinated ... Do we have to buy insurance? The way I read the email was that unvaxed pax needed to buy insurance. If we show up at the pier and we were supposed to have purchased it, is it something we can do onsite? help! Cruising Aug 29th... thx. Susan
  9. Hi. We are booked in a suite on Symphony end of August. Do we need to wait until we board to set up a reservation? I don't see it listed in the drop down menu under dining. Thank you!
  10. I’m hoping for Symphony last week of August!
  11. With the latest CDC news from last week, are the ships only sailing at 50% capacity or 1000 max pax if the pax are 95% vaccinated? Or has this changed?
  12. What if you decide to take the refund, but the credit card you had booked the cruise on had been hacked in the meantime... will they refund it to the new card?
  13. While on Oasis from Feb 23 to March 1, I think we saw 3 tables occupied at Portside. Not a huge hit by any means
  14. I think you are very very optimistic for September sailings!
  15. wow. tendering between ships.... this is really something!
  16. I feel for him and the crew. When he didn’t post I really got worried. And, like an earlier poster said, I too, thought it odd that he said he was watching his last sunset while yet knowing he still had a few days left. I hope he is ok!
  17. Maybe it’s just “operator error” but I haven’t been able to find Chris’ day 9 vlog from Oasis. I know he said he is having to leave the ship in a few more days, but I’m wondering why he isn’t posting. Anyone?
  18. So any thoughts as to those that booked Allure in the Med or on the TA expecting a newer “Amplified ” ship? Partial refund, or FCC?? Seems fair that as the product will be less than what was advertised and sold as, that perhaps there will be some sort of compensation.?
  19. And, if before final payment, we would also have the option to switch the booking to a future sailing, yes? And if that sailing was less, then the extra paid would be refunded to credit card?
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