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  1. Hey! Thanks for the links - I was more looking for personal experience from people on the forums but I'll have a look 🙂
  2. Hey all, These might be dumb questions - but information can be confusing and hard to find so I want to be sure. I just purchased the 6 pack of the BinaxNOW AG test. My questions are: 1> Do you just have to take one of these to get a required negative result? (I've seen some at home tests require 2 tests 3 days apart) 2> There is also a warning on the website that you can't open the box until you are logged in with their medical professional. I'm assuming of course this is just one of the individual boxes in the 6 pack. I'm intending to use one before boarding the cruise, and one before returning to the US (cruising from Italy). Again, I know these are probably stupid questions but I really don't want any nasty surprises derailing my first Mediterranean cruise! Has anyone used the BinaxNOW Ag kit? Thanks in advance.
  3. I did a min bid on a balcony. I don't care much either way but I figured why not try 🙂
  4. Yeah I'll definitely sail Carnival again but I'd compare it for cruise style and age demo with NCL. I find prices comparable between the two but then NCL adds free at sea for an extra hundred or so bucks and you get free drinks, wifi, and excursion credits. I might just not be getting these great deals on my vip page that others are.
  5. Norwegian Sun 3 day booze cruise Dec 19 with my two best friends. I'm told it was fun 🤣
  6. Oh I am so sorry this happened to you. As a single cruiser in Florida, I know how crushed I'd be if this happened on the first cruise I booked in so long - but to travel so far with a family? I'm glad at the least you're getting some assistance. Hope you and your family is well
  7. I'm in Florida, and am lucky to live in my own personal 'resort'. I know Florida has a reputation which is sometimes earned, but as a Canadian now living down here I love it - the people, the amenities, and most of the time, the weather
  8. Hey cruisers! Just for a little background, I've cruised twice with each of Carnival, Royal Caribbean (after next weekend), and NCL. My cruises on Carnival were 7 and 4 years ago. I'm constantly dreaming and test booking cruises from a bunch of different lines, and weighing the pluses and minuses of all. Carnival never seems to win when it comes to straight up value, and I'm wondering from the die hard Carnival fans: why do you book Carnival? Is it itinerary, ship amenities, or something else? I'll likely go on a Carnival cruise again soon as I want to see how the product has changed in the past 4 years so just curious for input from fans. Thanks!
  9. I missed my price drop. Noticed my sailing was down $40 and wanted to see if it would drop again, it's actually up $100 🤣
  10. I got the same deal on my Freedom of the Seas cruise - was pleasantly surprised!
  11. I just got mine today for my Sept 10th sailing on FOTS
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