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  1. We have just completed our first ocean cruise on a Princess ship. Like you, we were anxious about what we should know ahead of time, especially embarkation and disembarkation protocols. What we learned was that these protocols are guided. You don't have to master them before you arrive at the pier. There will be signage to help you with embarkation. Port staff are awaiting your arrival. They have anticipated everything! (Just remember you will go through security, so don't load your pockets with items you will have to remove for the scanner, and be prepared to remove your shoes.) Once through the security line, you will be astonished at how swiftly and easily you will locate your cabin! Princess staff are there to guide, so you will have a hassle-free embark. The flip side (disembarkation) will also be guided. Ambiguities will dissipate like fogs at sea under a dazzling sun.
  2. Great dialogue about this option. Lots of learning here. We are on training wheels.
  3. You have given us confidence to work the deal. Next time we'll be awake to what's offered. What a game this is! We had no imagination for it. Reality for some, but life on other planets for those who've never traveled in space.
  4. Very knowledgeable and helpful responses! Moveover is new to us. The email came out of the blue, as they say. If I had known then what I have learned from you, I would have reacted promptly. But I didn't really understand the language (because I had never heard of Moveover). Next time I'll know.
  5. Excellent discussion of the Moveover topic. Thanks for the contribution to our enlightenment.
  6. Have you taken advantage of a Moveover (new sailing date, new cabin) offer? Did it work out well for you?
  7. More wisdom from veterans of the journey! Thank you. Your descriptions set fire to our imagination. Soon we'll be piling up memories of our own. We've taken note that the weather plays tricks.
  8. By your enthusiasm we know that so much more awaits us than is revealed in a tourist trap. We look forward to adventuring on Sketchers (or Crocs). Perhaps our humble expeditions of foot will inspire others. Maybe we'll have to make Alaska the goal of yet another cruise. For the moment we are focused on making the most of this 25th Anniversary cruise. I don't think the Lumberjack show will accomplish this (but for a kid it might). Thanks again for your contribution, and we hope your own yearnings will be satisfied.
  9. Thanks for citing Tom's guide. We'll take that up. Really appreciate the suggestions and the evocative photos. Looks like everyone dressed for walkabout weather.😊
  10. Wow! Little did we know. These are splendid suggestions for those of us who like to experience environment rather than the tourist shows (magnets for some). Every posted gallery photo is much appreciated. Thanks for sharing your walkabouts.
  11. We are wondering if Skagway, Juneau, and Ketchikan are great walkabouts. Are you willing to share your experience?
  12. Great insights from experienced voyagers! Thank you. Please add what may come to mind later.
  13. This is one of those recurring questions that may drive cruise consiglieri crazy but that boobs at sea must ask: what outerwear is the best choice for next week's Alaska cruise? Is a light leather jacket ever seen on deck?
  14. Thanks again for the helpful posts. For experienced voyagers, the cruise culture (its environment, protocols, and routines) is natural and familiar. But brochures don't tell all, and life is in the small details (like what's a good tip). So many thanks!
  15. Thanks for these candid, knowledgeable embarkation tips. We will soon join the flow to check-in, and I hope we have gained enough savvy from your (collective) wisdom and experience to recognize signage and look for yellow jackets and remember to tip the porters. Oh, what's a good tip for those baggage handlers?
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