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  1. If you call them as I did yesterday, the official line is.... "The schedule has not changed. All sailings still happening." But the MSC agent thanked me for the heads up. ? ?????
  2. There is a simple solution to this issue, however, there is a slight problem with it. We could all simply contact Celebrity and threaten to cancel our cruise if required to provide a Dr's certificate. The problem is: we will be competing with Celebrity as to who can cancel the cruise first. As I think most of the cruises we are concerned with are going to be canceled one way or the other. If after the virus is contained and it seems safe to travel and Celebrity continues requiring a Dr's certificate, there will be plenty of cruise lines wanting our business and not requiring a Dr's certificat
  3. I won't dispute your figure, but it may not tell the whole story. There still appear to be a lot of deaths in the nursing homes throughout Europe, including Italy according to recent study at London School of Economics. They estimate in Italy, Spain, France, Ireland and Belgium between 42% and 57% of the virus deaths are in care homes. And you must realize many elderly deaths in Italy are seniors who in most countries would be in a care home. As you point out, Italy's system of taking care of the elderly is much more family based. Whatever the stats and numbers are..I think it is obvious this
  4. And does this instill confidence that the cruise lines have their act together and can keep us safe. Actually, I think, if the cruise lines are requiring our doctor to guarantee that we are healthy enough to travel safely...they should be prepared to guarantee all healthy passengers are safe and should have no concern about cruising. I would love to see that guarantee from cruise lines. dcl
  5. Just do a search on the web for "percent of virus deaths in Italian nursing homes" and you will get all sorts of articles and stats regarding Italian nursing homes. Percents, numbers, reasons, etc. change daily.
  6. Well. I think your just wrong. Statistics are now coming out from Europe and around the world that a large percentage (in many areas up to 50%) of deaths are being attributed to those in nursing homes. So what this form is going to accomplish is keeping nursing home patients from cruising (can't remember last time I met a nursing home resident on a cruise) and most of those over 70, healthy or not. It will do little to keep those with underlying illnesses from cruising and until a vaccine is produced cruising will not be safe and there will be deaths on cruise ships regardless of their silly f
  7. And what percentage of those were nursing home residents. I'm all for requiring nursing home residents to have a doctor's note. In fact, it may be standard procedure for many nursing homes when allowing residents to travel anywhere by any means. But that is a far cry from requiring healthy 70 years old to obtain a note. dcl
  8. I apologize if I'm missing your point, but all I am saying is the scientists have pointed out that both of these groups are more susceptible to Covid19 because both groups have a much higher degree of underlying health issues, as they relate to Covid19, than other groups. What am I not understanding? dcl
  9. So are you suggesting that since it is emerging that the African-American community is being hit much harder by this virus than any other ethnic group, that the cruise lines should consider requiring them to provide a doctor's note. We are now discovering that in Chicago 68.9 percent of deaths by the virus are African-Americans and in Louisiana 70 percent. And to make these numbers worse they are greater than the percent of the population of African-Americans in these areas. The Surgeon General of the US just stated "While everyone is susceptible to Covid-19 black Americans are at a higher ri
  10. Well I think we can shut this discussion down. Now that we are discovering that there are other groups of people who are very high risk for "the virus", there is no way seniors can be singled out. Any discrimination is ugly and the more groups discriminated against makes it even uglier. I think the cruise lines eventually realized they have to deal with the virus not the different groups of passengers that might get it. It was ludicrous from the beginning to think you could make a difference in a pandemic by singling out one minority group. dcl
  11. I think as this discussion continues we each need to clarify what policy we are addressing. The policy regarding 70+ and COVID-19 is totally different than the policy requiring 70+ being required to obtain a doctor's note once COVID-19 is not an issue. dcl
  12. Does anyone have a sense about the future of the MSC Virtuosa and how delayed its construction might be with all that is going on. I am scheduled to sail from Barcelona on December 4, 2020. I simply can't imagine it will makes its October 2020 completion deadline. dcl
  13. I canceled a cruise on Celebrity Infinity for April 11th on Mar 8th. I canceled under the Cruise With Confidence offer. The total cost of cruise was $2198. A week later I received $1045 in FCC and about a week and a half after that, I received a credit on my CC for $1153. Celebrity was very fair and I am a happy camper.
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