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  1. We had a large balcony and were sailing with friends... We requested extra seating...and got two folding chairs 😏
  2. I got that notice last night. . . But my payment date was earlier and I’ve already paid in full. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Crazy.
  3. Have had this happen. The credit gets lifted and returned to your account as a FCC. Mine has been applied to a cruise, lifted and applied to another cruise. I suspect the January 6 cruise will be cancelled and if it is, it will once again be lifted so I can apply to to another cruise. My PCC is very good of keeping tract but I also keep my own records.
  4. This is what we did as well. I watch pricing and frequently reprice. The $750. with $250 was the best offer for us and took advantage of it on 2 of our booked cruises.
  5. All of our prebooked items including dining, excursions, and indulgences have been included in the dollar amount when they calculate spending towards extra mariner days if that’s what you are referring to. . . Your Pinnacle Grill reservations will be in your stateroom when you board and they usually ask you to call and confirm the chooses time.
  6. I would be willing to try one! It’s been a long time since we got any mail from HAL. .And NEVER had that kind of offer! I’d certainly book!
  7. Mine is totally messed up. I had 2 FCC and now I have one and have NO idea what It/they were for as they match none of my figures. Waiting for 2 to be lifted from November Hawaii Cruise that were from Japan and Alaska and wondering what they will do with the OBC that was associated with those.… and if it will just ‘disappear’. So many, many question with no answers. I feel bad bothering my PCC as he doesn’t know answers and feels bad because he doesn’t know. I'm keeping paper copies of everything- bookings, emails etc. and would hope that others are doing the same. Hopefu
  8. I booked ‘round trip’ on flight ease. DFW to Sydney Australia. After trans pacific 20 + days later Seattle to DFW but have no experience at making 2 different bookings. Not sure you can. You may have to go back in and book as round trip from different points. Others maybe able to help. . .
  9. We have sailed inVista Suites and Verandas on this class ship and there is not much - if any difference in space. They do have different configurations as you noted. The bed is by the balcony in the VS and the sofa/desk is by balcony inVeranda. We prefer the Veranda configuration others prefer the VS. The BIG difference in the two categories (other than cost) is that you get double sail days towards mariner status in the Vista Suite. So, if you are close to moving up, you might want to pay the extra to attain that status quicker. We did sail in a VS on Konings
  10. Right there with you. Still waiting on FCC from 2 cruises. Have my port taxes refunded etc but these FCC just seemingly can’t get ‘built’ or rather ‘rebuilt’.
  11. Yes. We applied our FCC from an April Japan cruise to a November Hawaii cruise that we had already booked. Now the November Hawaii cruise has been cancelled and we are waiting for the FCC to be lifted and applied to an April 2021 cruise that we already have booked. They just show up as a line credit on your booking. My PCC said it would take about 30 days to lift and move the credits. He also said the Hawaii cruise would remain in my portfolio until the credits were lifted.
  12. Our November 2020 Hawaii cruise is still showing up in our bookings even though it was cancelled by HAL. My PCC said it will until my FCC have been lifted and ‘rebuilt’.
  13. Looks like a great offer. I think you should book it!
  14. We have used it frequently and never had a price jump. It will be confirmed when you make final payment. And better, should your cruise be cancelled, you have no worries about flights. If you buy Platinum Plan through HAL your flight is covered should you need to cancel.
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