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  1. Your ‘perks’ don’t go into effect until next cruise unless it is a world cruise, grand voyage or sometimes collectors cruise. As for the gratiuties being included in wine packages purchased prior to cruise, I’m not sure. We have always bought on board and being 4* gotten the reduced price but pay gratuities on entire cost of package.
  2. If it were my first trip to Alaska, I would elect to go to Glacier Bay. The views are amazing! You will see and hear calving - and wildlife. If you can, select a Cabin with some type of balcony. You will see so much wild life! Ketchikan is our favorite port followed by Skagway. I would recommend going on the crab boat excursion in Ketchikan, Whale watching in Juneau and the train in Skagway.
  3. The only thing you really get as a benefit in the signature and vista suites is the double cruise day credits. We love the extra space and the shower and separate bathtub in the signature. If you want benefits - ie Neptune Lounge, breakfast in the Pinnacle (or CO), the expanded breakfast menu for in room dining, the coffee maker, laundry etc. you need to book the Neptune.
  4. If you are booked in a Neptune, the people in there will be happy to make any dining room arrangements for you including in-room dining. You can call the Neptune Lounge or drop by and speak with whoever is at the desk.
  5. We always make this request through our PCC at booking. If you have a PCC, I would contact them or if you booked thru a TA, they should be able to make the request for you. The number for ship services is 1-800 541-1576. They should be able to assist you.
  6. This is port dependent not ship dependent. Port Everglades has luggage direct. We love this service! Seattle has it as well. Wish some of the other ports offered this service- Boston for one!
  7. Glad to hear this. In December we are onboard one week with a continuing education group and then one week with a group called The Nation. We are not waitlisted for our preferred late dining on either weeks.
  8. Just bought the premium package for B2B December 1 on NS. It is discounted if purchased prior to cruise and equals about the same as the next step down offered onboard. I did the same this summer on Zuiderdam and was very pleased.
  9. Yes they do. Son’s next door neighbor in California works for Princess and they get Friends & Family Rate’s on ALL Carnival branded cruise lines. Apparently a nice perk as they cruise often! 😁
  10. It’s the exact same. You will likely eat on deck 2. Line up when you are ready to eat or make reservations ahead. (Think you can reserve 2 days ahead for a specific time.)
  11. Movies are free! All of the ships that have been in dry dock have streaming. The others (a few) have DVD players and you can check out movies. Enjoy!
  12. I always explore both options- booking on my on and flight ease. On some flights, the savings is only a few dollars but on a few, there are significant savings.
  13. I’ve not seen it on our last 3 trips to HMC. It was offered the first 2 days onboard in the past and not available for prepurchase.
  14. I’ve already gotten my OBC for my April and May cruises! Send your request now. I do it early- afraid I’ll forget! 🤪
  15. Be certain you choose flexible fares. They are a little more expensive generally, but you can change them or cancel them up to final payment with no penalty.
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