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  1. Yes, that helps. What time is the muster drill held (relative to departure time) on an embarkation day? Thanks, Bill
  2. Thanks Jim. Very helpful. How long before the ship is scheduled to leave the foreign port do you have to be at the Supervisor's Desk to get your new Seapass card? We have private tours arranged and need to plan for that. Bill
  3. Norma, thanks very much. That is a better process than I have been told about other B2B turnover days on Celebrity. Friends told me that they always give out new seapass cards during turnover day only and about 9-9:30am. Your process sounds much better to allow the B2B people to enjoy a day in the port. Bill
  4. Norma, What was the process for getting new seapass cards especially for those getting off the ship? For those on private tours, is it possible to get off the ship by 8:00am? Thanks, Bill
  5. Norma, thanks very much. That is helpful. I know you said that the time the tender tickets are handed out depends on what time the ship is arriving. Since your tickets were handed out starting at 7:00pam, what time did you arrive? I'm trying to get a feel for the relative time to expect them for other port arrival times. Thanks, Bill
  6. Norma, Where and when do you get a tender ticket on Eclipse? When do you not need one? We loved Kotor also. We had a great private tour that took us to 4 or 5 places including a walking tour of the old city. Thanks, Bill
  7. You should check in on the Eclipse March 10th and 24th roll calls. They are very active with lots of great tours, activities, and good people. I don't recall seeing you on either of the roll calls. We are joining a group of good friends but expect to make a lot of new friends like we do on every cruise. Bill
  8. Thanks so much. That is very helpful information. Bill
  9. Norma, I am learning a lot about Eclipse from your posts. So, thank you. As I said before, we have several large cruise critic groups that will be doing tours in South America and plan on meeting in the Passport Bar and Martini Bar about the time the ship docks. I heard today that disembarkation sometimes occurs from deck 3 where the Passport Bar is located. If you have that happen on your cruises, please let me know if it would still be possible for 50-60 people to meet at the Passport Bar or would there be too much confusion. Thank you, Bill
  10. Norma, thanks very much. That helps a lot. It appears that there won't be a problem using the Passport Bar as one of our 2 meeting places for tours. Since we have so many people doing private tours, the meeting location must be designated before the cruise so that is why it is important that we figure this out in advance. If you learn anything else that would indicate that the Passport Bar would not be a good meeting place for private tours please let me know. Hope your cruises continues to go well and look forward to hearing about your experiences. Thanks, Bill
  11. Norma, thanks for doing this blog. We are doing a B2B on Eclipse in March 2019 from Buenos Aires to San Diego and have not cruised on Eclipse before. Our cruise critic roll call has planned a lot of private tours and need two meeting places for 2 groups of 50-60 people each. We think the Martini Bar is one good location, and are also considering the Passport Bar on Deck 3 on the other side of the ship from Guest Relations. However, we are concerned that area may be too busy when the ship docks and during the time we get the all clear to leave the ship. We typically meet for the tours at the time the ship docks and leave as soon as we get the all clear. We are concerned about the following and hope you will be able to help us understand how things work upon arrival in each port: 1. Do people disembark from the ship near the Passport Bar on Deck 3? If not, where do they disembark (deck and approximate location)? 2. Is the Passport Bar crowded during the time about 15 minutes before the ship docks and 30 minutes after? If not, then it would seem to be a good meeting place for one of our private tour meeting groups of 50-60 people. 3. If the Passport Bar does not make sense as a meeting place, can you suggest another location (in addition to the Martini Bar) that would work for 50-60 people. Any information that you can share on the above would be much appreciated. Thanks, Bill
  12. Does anyone know how to email the Cruise Director and Loyalty person on Eclipse? We have an upcoming cruise and need to coordinate something. Thanks, Bill
  13. Ginny, I researched everything available for Sitka before our Cruise in 2017. IMO, the best tour is Paul Davis' Gallant Adventures (highest rated) Marine Wildlife Tour. He only takes out 6 people at a time for a 3 hour tour. Part of the description of the tour is as follows: This marine wildlife tour will take you to see some of Paul's favorite scenic spots while making stops when we encounter notable species ofwildlife such as whales, sea otters, coastal brown bears, bald eagles &endemic sea birds (such as puffins, murres & rhinoceros auklets), stellersea lions and seals hauled out on rocks. While cruising through this maze ofislands, you never really know what will present itself as we pop around acorner and out a narrow passageway! It could be a humpback whale lunge feeding ora bald eagle swooping down after a herring. Or maybe it's a sea otter on itsback cracking a clam or a mother otter with a newborn pup on her belly! Whoknows?? Again, hard to say what amazing site we'll see! One thing is forcertain, however...we will see some great action and have a fantastic time! It is not cheap. The best tours in Alaska never are. You will still have time to see some of the other things in the town before or after the tour. Bill
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