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  1. We will be Mom and 3 siblings (all adults) in two cabins. Two of the siblings bought the deluxe drink package, which also allows them a 40% discount on bottles of wine. They will be able to *purchase* the occasional drink for the third sibling, (Mom is a teetotaler), and will only order drinks for themselves with their packages. The question is: If they purchase a bottle of wine at dinner, is it legal to pour a glass for the third sibling?
  2. I will encounter this exact situation in November. I was already planning to check with the Loyalty Ambassador. Glad to know this can probably be easily arranged.
  3. We have each brought a couple of water bottles onboard, then refilled them from the tap in our cabin. (All RCCL ships have potable water in the taps.) We leave a filled bottle in our mini fridge, so we will have a fresh one next time we go out. We also asked for ice in our room, and used melted water in our bottles.
  4. I am fortunate if I am able to sail once or twice a year. All of my cruises, starting in 2012, have been on Oasis class ships, and I haven't lost the excitement. In fact, I still enjoy, and look forward to, the familiarity with this class of ships. I really like the updated clothes storage in the Harmony and Symphony cabins, but will sometimes book the Oasis or Allure if the price is right. Frankly, the ship is my destination, and I seldom get off at the Caribbean ports. At 81, I thoroughly enjoy the relaxation of provided meals, housekeeping, entertainment, and a week to spend in the unh
  5. were these paper handouts? I won't be sailing till November, but thought they would be doing away with paper compasses. Just curious.
  6. I am someone who wants any one of about six specific neighborhood balcony cabins. Deciding factors include: which deck, location, & room layout. Not too picky, and have most often been completely satisfied!
  7. I just watched his day 1 vlog. What I saw of the cabin appears to duplicate what I experienced on Harmony and Symphony - with the new & improved closets over those on Allure and Oasis. (Much roomier than his crew cabin will be.) I look forward to seeing more of the ship once he is out of quarantine, as I have only sailed on Oasis class ships so far.
  8. I have had some success with asking. I love the fruit soups, but have been eating differently on a low carb plan, so may not even try for them on my next cruise. (Fingers crossed for November 2021.)
  9. Any of the Oasis class ships, though I give preference to Symphony and Harmony because of the improved closet space over Oasis and Allure, and I love having a balcony cabin overlooking Central Park.
  10. I have been on ten Oasis class cruises since 2013, and have been very happy with all my dinners in the main dining room. Fingers crossed for November 2021, when my DD and I will be treated by DS & DSIL, on Symphony, to celebrate my 82nd birthday. The "boys" have never sailed with Royal, and really want to eat at some of the "specialty" restaurants. They live in San Francisco, and are not strangers to really good restaurants for special occasions. Although I have been happy with the MDR, I agreed to allow them to treat us to some upcharge dinners on Symphony. I talked them i
  11. We are booked on Symphony for November 13-20, 2021, with stops at both Labadee & CocoCay, along with St. Thomas & Puerto Rico. Our favorite in the past was Labadee. I hope they don't fill the beaches there with so many cabanas and day beds that it's hard to see the ocean from the beach.
  12. My first cruise on Royal Caribbean was in 2013. I am currently at 70 points, earned on TEN 7-day cruises in standard balcony cabins. I am now more hopeful that I will actually be sailing on a B2B in November 2021. With the double points, I should get 14 for the first week, which will put me in the Diamond category during the second week. I will be quite content with whatever perks I receive.
  13. Yes, we are cautiously optimistic about November. Our March 2020 cruise (which was to be the "boys" treat to celebrate my 80th birthday) was cancelled. DD and I already had another cruise scheduled for December 2020, so we added a cabin for them, (having no idea cruising would be suspended for more than a year). When December 2020 was cancelled, we Lifted & Shifted to November 2021. IF we sail in November, we will now be celebrating my 82nd birthday.
  14. My daughter and I are booked on Symphony Nov. 13-20-21, as are my son and his husband. I decided to add the week before (Nov. 6-13) for DD and me. No problem so far with the B2B.
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