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  1. (I added the bold to the above quote.) From what I have read here on CruiseCritic over the years, many people spend significant amounts in the casino, shops, bars, restaurants and excursions, above what they paid for the cruise. Those who are using FCCs might be inclined to spend even more on the "extras", because the cost of the cruise will have been paid (and kind of forgotten) long before they board on the "new" cruise.
  2. Our March 21 cruise was cancelled. My TA was given the runaround in phone calls over several months. I tried to deal with RCCL myself, but they told me that my TA had to contact them. I paid for the deposits on the two cabins, and my son-in-law paid for everything else. Drink and dining packages were refunded in June. Several other amounts were refunded that didn't match specific charges, so no way to trace them. A few days ago I finally received the refund for the deposits, which I had paid when I made the reservations. That day my son-in-law got a refund of two amounts that
  3. My TA has gotten the run-around from RCCL, beginning way back in April when they told her the refund had been processed on their end, and would be issued in 7-10 days. Four months after cancellation we are still waiting. I tried calling several times on my own, but hung up due to long wait time. Tonight I was feeling lucky, and tried again. My call was answered after only 10 minutes. The agent took down my information and put me on hold. After another 10 minutes, she delivered the bad news. Because I had used a TA, she said that she wasn't allowed to provide me with the infor
  4. I'm also waiting for a refund from March. I've already booked other cruises for November 2021 and March 2022, but I could sure use the money for other bills.
  5. However soon they tell you that you will receive your refund -- Double that and probably wait some more. Our cruise was cancelled back in March, and we're still waiting. Good luck to all who are still hoping to sail this year. We finally gave up that hope, and rescheduled for November 2021.
  6. I was supposed to be celebrating my 80th birthday on Symphony in March 2020. Not a very nice birthday present. 😢
  7. Requested refund mid March. TA said she has called four times. First time they told her it had been processed on their end, and would be issued in 5-7 business days. Almost two months later with no refund.
  8. I think you are explaining it exactly right. That's why we opted for the 100% refund.
  9. If not for COVID-19, I would be waiting at the airport here in VA today, to board the flight to FL for an overnight in Miami before sailing on Symphony. This cruise was to be a celebration of my 80th birthday, along with my daughter, as guests of my son and son-in-law who live in San Francisco. DD and I have another cruise booked on Oasis sailing out of Ft. Lauderdale on Dec. 6th. We booked it many months ago, at a really good price. It seems to make perfect sense to add the guys to that cruise, to celebrate my 81st birthday. We have a Central Park balcony, and they want an Oce
  10. Excuse me for quoting myself. The schedule for December sailings on Oasis, has finally appeared. Pardon my lack of knowledge about FCCs. I understand that they can be used on cruise reservation. What about pre-paid gratuities? If our FCCs are more than enough to cover the new cruise, can any leftover be converted into OBC?
  11. Do you know if she will be coming back to Florida in November?
  12. I've never been in a situation where I received FCC. Does it have to be used on a NEW booking? I currently have two cruises booked (Dec. 2020 & Feb. 2021). They are supposed to be on the Oasis out of Ft. Lauderdale. However, there are no dates showing beyond April for Oasis. I thought she might be moving to Miami, since she could still embark on Sunday, and Symphony could still keep her Saturday schedule.
  13. I have heard this before, so I was holding off canceling our March 21st sailing for another four or five days, hoping to get a refund instead of the FCC. I emailed our travel agent to ask if that could happen. She answered that RCCL will only be offering FCCs -- no refunds -- and she went ahead and canceled our two cabins. I'm going to be seriously annoyed if she was wrong about no refunds. Even though we will probably rebook within the allotted time, it would be better to have the money gathering interest in our bank account instead of Royal Caribbean's.
  14. My son and his spouse surprised me last year, offering to treat my younger daughter and me to sailing with them on a seven day Caribbean cruise. DD and I have tickets to fly to FL in 9 days from VA. Son & spouse will fly in from California to meet us at the hotel the night before the cruise. We held a 4-way conference call last Friday, discussed what we considered at that time to be the best pros and cons, and decided to keep planning for the cruise. This cruise is supposed to celebrate my 80th birthday, which occurred this past November. Today, my older daughter and son-in
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