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  1. Yes we too have been caught twice by cancellations of long standing bookings at short or in one case absolutely no notification.
  2. I take it that when you say "average length of stay in a care home is under 2 years" you specifically mean care home and do not include residential homes also. News reports do not seem to differentiate between care homes and and residential homes which more often than not these days also provide a significant degree of care.
  3. Call me a cynic if you like but I'm rather loath to accept on face value official statistics on covid virus at the moment, especially U.S. statistics. I think it could be some time before truly accurate data will become available.
  4. We prefer an outside cabin normally but have purposely opted for inside cabins on occasion because of the location on the ship. As we spend so very little time in our cabin anyway we don't mind if an inside cabin is the only option available. Usually we will opt for a cabin that is close to an exit nearest to a swimming pool. That way we have one very large balcony with a pool and often a bar or eatery near by.
  5. Why is it interesting - I said essential for work. You don't seem to appreciate that there are some occupations where a degree of personal risk is the norm in order to protect others.
  6. The last cruise that we took was a fly cruise, there is absolutely no way that I would consider getting on an airliner in the foreseeable future unless it was considered essential for work. However I might consider taking a cruise at some time in the distant future when the covid 19 virus is considered to be fully under control. I don't have any particular faith in what precautions that any cruise line may take. I recall sitting in Andersons on Aurora early one morning watching two female crew members washing down panels in the corridor outside. There had been an outbreak of Norovirus
  7. Although Oceana was launched before Aurora I wouldn't say that the one was anymore modern in design than the other, they were simply just designed for quite different markets. In the last twenty years the demands of the customers/passengers have changed slightly with a much higher demand for balconies, though in many cases to call it a balcony is a bit rich many not being much larger than window boxes. I look at many cruise ships that have been built over the last 20 years and can't help comparing them to floating pigeon lofts, with the complete side of the ship adorned with pigeon boxes.
  8. Possibly not as high as you may think. Don't forget that jet travel was still pretty much a new thing and that liners were still in regular use. P.S. I can just pip that mine was 53 years ago, it was a 6 week cruise from Australia to the U.K.
  9. An hour of my remaining life wasted watching that tripe. Not at all informative and certainly not entertaining.
  10. Or perhaps its "Open another bottle". 😁
  11. Sorry to hear that things were so bad. We too have witnessed a few things that have been far from perfect but the worst that we have experienced was on Ventura when a freshly laundered towel was opened to find human feces dried into the towel. We didn't want to make a fuss but felt that it should be reported to reception. We just couldn't believe how uninterested they were, as if it was a regular occurrence that was simply accepted.
  12. Yes snow in Oslo but if anything it added something to the atmosphere.
  13. We were on Aurora a week or so before you that year (Christmas markets) and have to say that for us it was one of the better cruises. The food we found to be very good and our cabin which was an inside cabin just below the crows nest was simply perfect (dark and quiet). We wouldn't do a Christmas markets cruise again as while nice to experience we thought that once was enough, though we spoke to many people who seem to book a similar cruise every year as it was their thing. None the less for us it was a very pleasant holiday even if the weather was typical of northern Europe at that time
  14. Denarius as you've pointed out "one man's meat is another man's poison" so we will have to differ regarding our personal likes and dislikes regarding Aurora and Oceana. I will however concede one point regarding the design of Aurora and that is Champions Bar. How could they get it so wrong. It's much improved since the refit but still far from great. Why couldn't they have taken a lesson from Oriana and the Lords Tavern. Wouldn't it have been nice to have had a proper theme along with a suitable mural, Ascot for instance or Twickenham. Plus of course a suitable by-pass so that it was self
  15. Over the years we've met some absolutely fascinating and charming people on cruises, we've also met one or two right old moaners. We refer to them as MOGs (Miserable Old Gits). Many times we have walked away from the table in the dining room having shared a table with new people and genuinely commented on what a pleasure it was to talk to them. Unfortunately the last two P&O cruises we have been on we have shared tables (club dining) with couples who could only be described as very strange or who had extremely poor social skills. Hence our decision in future to opt for a table for tw
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