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  1. Geoherb....thank you SO much for answering my question about Baja cabin 426. You have gone above and beyond! I now have a much clearer picture of what that hallway is like and based on your comments and firsthand account, I think we’ll stick with 426. I’m enjoying hearing about your trip and look forward to reading your posts. Thanks again!
  2. We were booked on the Island Mediterranean Adventure Nov. 6-20, 2020. Our travel agent told us this sailing has been cancelled because the Island will be in dry dock. No reason given. New cruise dates are Nov. 22-Dec. 6, 2020.
  3. I’m enjoying reading your posts. Very helpful to anyone planning an Alaska cruise or like me, booking a future cruise on the Island. I’m planning a Med cruise on the Island in 2020 and currently have balcony cabin 426 booked on Baja. If you should find yourself with time on your hands (yes, I know...not likely) I would love to know if this looks like a good location or if the “white space” across from it looks like cleaning cart storage or something else that might make the location noisy. This area is right across from the lifts and stairs so it would be convenient but I’m don’t want to sacrifice quiet for convenience. Thanks and have a wonderful cruise. Looking forward to future posts. Nothing beats Alaska!
  4. This is a screenshot of the Island, Baja deck, mid-ship. Does anyone know what the white space behind the stairs is? Cleaning cart storage, laundry room, or something else? I’m considering a cabin in this bump-out area of Baja but would like to know what this space is before I commit. Thanks!
  5. It sometimes takes Blexie a few days to respond to an email. Since your husband won’t be able to walk around the squares for the first part of the tour, you might want to think about driving out to Hemingway’s house instead. Our guide (Blexie Tours) told us that they do go there but it’s not part of their regular tour. Hopefully, Blexie will be able to accommodate you one way or the other. And NO you don’t have to have a tour of any kind booked to get off the ship. Just exit the ship and do whatever you want.
  6. I totally agree. Just check what they tell you to check and you’ll be good to go. The process is totally easy. It’s too bad people get so stressed about Cuba. It was really easier than going through TSA at the airport.
  7. Have a wonderful trip! We had Raul as our guide and he is a great guy. Very knowledgeable. You will learn a great deal about Cuba from him. He loves baseball and the Astros are his favorite team. I attached a picture of Raul and our driver, Abel, so you’ll know who to look for.
  8. You can’t take any liquids at all through security. You sure don’t want to have to throw it out! If you want to bring back rum from Cuba you’ll need to put it in your checked bags.
  9. There were four in my group. The driver, guide and me in the front and the other three in the back. Plenty of room for the six of us without feeling cramped.
  10. Texasnee


    I read that these coffees are very good. Cubita, Escorial, or Serrano. Bags can be purchased at Cafe El Escorial on the corner of the square. Probably available many other places, as well. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  11. We’re also going in Nov. We leave Miami Nov. 12. Also booked with Blexie. Our guide will be Raul. Did he indicate who your guide will be? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. Which is what I was referring to in my post. I guess I should have said RC’s first Cienfuegos port stop. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  13. Wow. I guess there are some disadvantages to being on one of the first cruises to a new port. I hope by the time we arrive in Cienfuegos they get some of these kinks worked out. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. Thanks so much for the info! FerTours is very highly rated on Trip Advisor. I didn’t know they did tours in Cienfuegos, as well. Think I’ll email Fernando and see what he says. I’d much rather take a private tour with him than a ship tour. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  15. CUP’s have pictures of people and are for use by Cubans only. Tourists must convert their money to CUC’s which has pictures of monuments. Don’t take CUP’s as change from anyone as it will be worthless to you. If you exchange your money at the port you will be given CUC, not CUP. Sent from my iPad using Forums
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