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  1. NCL says about 6 months before sailing, BUT you must start checking the NCL website and log into your account & cruise..there you will see what excursions are available for each port...I have a cruise in late March on the Joy, but so far nothing on the cabanas... Big Al
  2. Yes, sadly it was the "generic" explore because it is still too early to book for next March 2021..I will check once in a while till maybe August when it gets within 7 months of the date..maybe I'll start in July..
  3. I booked a cruise for next March, checked the villas prices 2 days ago, and still the Silver Cove one bdrm is $599 for the day... Big Al
  4. I am DIAMOND on RCI, and have 7 NCL cruises to date.....variety is the spice of life...
  5. Not sure about how far out..BUT I read cruises were good on RCI for credit thru Dec. 2021, while NCL is Dec 2022...I like flexibility, and I think NCL is still cornering you to cruise with them, and NOT refunding any portion of your money..I would rather have the 50% back because as I am high risk, I just don't KNOW what will happen..the RIGHT thing to do would be a complete 100% refund, but this is America, where $$$ rules all..your health does not matter here- only $$$...that's MHO..
  6. Thanks...CORRECT..RCI has now changed their policy- only a future cruise credit is now available...it was just a thought..I prefer having some cash back because we don't know what will happen with COVID-19, and therefor don't know when we can cruise next, ESPECIALLY a person like me , who is high risk...stay safe all of you, and don't do anything that risks your life for a cruise..best scenario is this virus is seasonal..if not, we may be in for problems..look at Italy....
  7. 50% cash refund now, then the other 50% RCI holds towards a future cruise which must be taken by Dec 2022...pretty fair & pretty good IMO..
  8. A friend in Nevada said she received an e-mail from NCL offering $200 OBC and all 5 perks for free instead of the usual 4 ( which I have on my next NCL cruise in November IF we go..)..maybe soon..let's hope...
  9. You are welcome..and I agree on your point about posters- this is why I have dropped my posting a lot the last 2-3 years....
  10. A friend of mine just had to cancel their RCI Harmony Of The Seas cruise because they are a high risk couple ( 70's, hypertension, diabetes, etc..)..RCI offered them a 50% cash refund PLUS the other 50% towards another cruise..much better than NCL only offering a cruise credit ONLY...maybe they will see this and think twice...
  11. Fallonboy- Most likely United will give you either a full refund OR a credit towards your next flight...make sure you tell them your health issues AND if you need a note from your doctor, you should get one... Big Al
  12. I am diabetic, have hypertension, and some asthma and am 67..do you think I am going on my April 12th cruise on the NCL Joy out of L.A.? I Think not...not to mention flying FIVE hours to LA in that Petrie dish? I think not...this was to be our 25th wedding anniversary cruise, but IMHO definitely not worth possibly getting infected ....please be smart & stay safe.. Big Al
  13. Yes, at least 8-9 x...we usually go to either Sapphire or Megan's beach, then shop ( or visa versa)..I will contact one of the drivers later as we come closer to November..
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