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  1. Gosh these Infinite verandas are certainly a talking point for Celeb - very mixed opinions on them. It would appear to me that it will be a very personal opinion about them whereas a regular balcony everyone loves - even though some question the price difference over ocean view/inside cabin is it worth it- but definitely is if budget will stretch. I think there will be a lot of discussion around the infinite balcony v the regular balcony over the coming months - interesting to read after it’s time on the Med.
  2. Thank you for that - I suppose one needs to experience them and then decide - videos give a good overview of them
  3. Hi thank you for your response and yes I think I will book the Edge. I know this is what we really want to experience this new ship. Am heading to my TA to discuss my options. When I am engaging here in the board I get so excited just thinking about cruising - bliss!!!
  4. Thank you - yes I think I’m favoring the Edge - it is the price of the guarantee balcony that is pricing it ok at the minute. Need to chat to my TA around the balcony aspect as I really would prefer the regular balcony. Small problems. Thank you again for your advice I like it! Cruising is such a lovely way to holiday - we really hadn’t intended leaving it so long but....hopefully this year!
  5. Oh wow a lot of really good vibes for Oasis - I must say we really did enjoy the Navigator but also loved the Equinox - different feel on both ships - Celeb more sedate in the best possible way - as I said we loved it. Both Oasis and Edge are appealing to us as different class ships to our previous cruises. We have done the Med on both so ports are familiar to us. This time it really is all about the ship. We would like to do the Caribbean but doesn’t suit this year . Thanks to all for their comments really helpful.
  6. Yes that is the cruise we are looking at!! He pricing I’ve gotten at the minute is for guarantee balcony - no perks but don’t mind that as we really wouldn’t get value from the beverage package. I must check it all out tomorrow when I visit my TA. Mid ship infinity - sounds good plus perks great. If we book I’ll let you know!! Have some things to sort out before I can commit to that date. Many thanks 😎😎😎
  7. It sounds more like an ocean view cabin as opposed to a balcony - anyway how bad!!!
  8. Good to know this I’ve seen pictures of that porthole balcony idea on RC site and would not like it!! I suppose this is the risk you take with a guarantee balcony! Although some have had good luck with the guarantee. Would you book an infinite if you going on the Edge again or would you prefer regular balcony? Sorry for all the questions!!
  9. Thank you For this - I’ve read quite a number of reviews and I think id prefer my regular balcony!!
  10. I’m booking through a TA and am in Ireland - prob different?
  11. Thank you so much for your reply - price difference re cruise flights transfers approx €650 which is marginal considering it is the Edge! Will put abut more thought into it before I book but to be honest am edging towards the Edge. But like the Oasis- decisions decisions!!
  12. I thought if you booked a guarantee balcony you got none of the perks? I’m looking at end of June sailing from Rome but price I got for guarantee does not give me perks did you book direct with Celeb? Thank you
  13. Hi anyone book a guaranteed balcony on the Edge and if so were you happy with your cabin. Thank you
  14. Where are you cruising to or what port are you looking for hotel recommendations
  15. Hi thanks for your reply. Any suggestions re another ship June 29th /30th weekend suits me to take holiday- preferably need to be in mainland Europe could you r,e-commend another cruise line? I have read a lot of the reviews on the Edge and see they are quite mixed although the more recent ones appear to be more positive. I realize the Oasis is a larger ship only fear I have here is that it will be quite busy as it is school holidays but I would like to experience this size ship also.Loved the Navigator when we did it.
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