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  1. Check out YouTube, there are several videos of the Penthouse Spa suite. One specifically is the Encore corner suite.
  2. Sunprince

    Black Friday Sale

    Update - I wasn't going to bother calling my TA since the disclosures on the sale was clear that existing cruises were excluded. But I did anyway, just to test the system. He called SS and came back and responded that I had the "best price" since I had paid in advance and had a 10% discount. I responded that refers to the base fare and SS was offering an add $1000 ship credit and category upgrade. To my surprise, my TA called SS again, and advised that they honored the $1000 ship credit and provided an additional refund. So in the end SS came through. Glad I made the effort even though I expected nothing. Also nice to have a good TA.
  3. Sunprince

    Black Friday Sale

    Unfortunately the Black Friday sale is only for new bookings. Cancel and rebook is not allowed. The cruise I booked is one of the specials offered and I am not within cancel period, but unfortunately can't take advantage of the special offered. So much for booking early to get the lowest price 😂
  4. Sunprince

    $250 Million Star investment

    I’m was disappointed to read this news. Although I am happy to have WS invest in the line, cutting and expanding the old Seabourn ships is not the best strategy. WS has a niche in the market, expanding ships that were built for 200 people is not the answer. You cannot make the ship wider, or the veranda at the stern bigger or the observation lounge bigger. Yes you can make the ship longer but the space ratio per passenger will decrease and most importantly the ambiance will suffer. The money would be far better spent on investing in new ships of similar size to the existing fleet,
  5. Sunprince

    Newbee Question - what to wear?

    Silver Spectre, Interesting comment...what do you mean by “ brought up and educated to speak the Queens”. Does that apply to someone who lives in a country where the Queen is the head of state, or just in the UK or only in England proper? Given the abundance of slang used in the UK alone, I’m not sure what you really mean? There are differences in how we all speak English, regardless of where we are from, one is neither right nor wrong from the other. Happy and healthy sailing.
  6. Sunprince

    Newbee Question - what to wear?

    Just for the fun of it, here are some official definitions: top·less /ˈtäpləs/ adjective (of a woman or a woman's item of clothing) having or leaving the breasts uncovered. "a topless dancer" synonyms: half-naked, bare-breasted, bare-chested, semi-nude, shirtless "topless sunbathers" (of a place such as a bar or beach) where there are women wearing topless clothing. "a topless beach" shirt·less /ˈSHərtləs/ adjective (especially of a man) wearing no clothes above the waist. "shirtless young men posing"
  7. Sunprince

    Newbee Question - what to wear?

    The term “topless” is usually used in reference to females sunbathing without a top. The male equilivent would be “shirtless”. Perhaps both of these terms are now considered sexist...but I guess different dress standards for men vs women would also be equally sexist.
  8. Sunprince

    Silver Wind

    DC, I see that you are leaving Prince Edward Island tonight. Although it’s not the most ideal time of the year to visit, I hope you enjoyed it. I grew up there and still own property on the island. One of my favourite places, but of course I am a bit biased!
  9. Sunprince

    Silver Wind refurb in November 2018??

    I thought they were “musifying” or “cloudifying” the Wind based on posts in previous threads? Looking at some of the photos of the Cloud, I’m not sure if I like what they have done. If the Wind looks more like th Muse, then IMO, that would be a bit more tasteful. Not to re-do the public spaces (I.e. Restaurant) would be a mistake. It is a 4 week dry dock, so hopefully this will be a major upgrade to include infrastructure and cosmetics.
  10. Sunprince

    Seabourn vs Regent

    Did you read Wendy’s recent comparison? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  11. No one uses the Retreat so I highly doubt anyone will be making any noise up there. It’s like a ghost town! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. Sunprince

    Soujourn Deck Repairs - Update

    Yes, I understand teak and it’s properties. Our outdoor teak gets treated annually so that it does not go grey. My point was...if you are replacing 90% of the deck, why not go 3 feet more and complete the job? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  13. Sunprince

    Seabourn pricing !

    That’s why we never have or never will sail one of the mass market cruise limes. Size does matter. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. Sunprince

    Seabourn pricing !

    Buying a car is easier now, I go to a service that offers fleet pricing at a small premium over dealer cost (sometimes less). I wish I had the same option for a cruise! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  15. Sunprince

    Soujourn Deck Repairs - Update

    Why didn’t they finish the job? The colours are different. I would not permit this in my home if that was my deck. Are they replacing the teak to the right? Sent from my iPad using Forums