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  1. This is good to know, I'll keep an eye on it. I'd hate to be paying the rate we are with construction going on.
  2. Hopefully, it works out for you both. We lucked out and our cabin was basically just moved from port to starboard midship deck 8.
  3. Funny, deck 8 is my favourite on Oasis Class. These ships are looong. I prefer to walk through Central park as a way to get back to my cabin instead of long cabin corridors.
  4. My cruise planner took a couple days to update, it's now a zero balance. I still haven't received an updated invoice.
  5. Ship and itinerary would highly influence this decision for me. We found the ultimate dining package on Symphony really heightened our dining experience on other non-Oasis ships a 3 night would do. If we had an itinerary with lots of sea days or private islands, a drink package is a nice to have. On port intensive, we look at a combination of excursions and DYI/relaxing. A spa day. We always book a Balcony cabin but a junior suite or higher might be nice especially for a longer cruise. What's going to bring you the most enjoyment and make the trip memorable?
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think we need a PCR to return home to Canada.
  7. I haven't found any that mail, some shoppers are doing rapid testing for $40 and if you're flying from Toronto there are clinics in the GTA that offer rapid testing in the $50-$60 range and PCR for $159-$199.
  8. No, testing is provided at no cost for really anything other than travel. This is basically in line with government recommendations to avoid any nonessential travel so I can't complain.
  9. Coming from SW Ontario, we were fully expecting to pay $$$ for testing prior to our travel and really wanted to time it so that a. We only had to test once and b. Pricing was "reasonable". It gets insanely costly at some labs. Swift clinics in the GTA offers PCR testing and Antigen with same day results (by midnight) if your test is done by 6PM. You can also pay a lot to have it done pre-departure with 1-2hour turn around. same day was fine by us as the price was less than other labs in the our area and then we were going order at home test to our mail box stateside or to our hotel.
  10. I use a big box TA for the perks not for the service, I fully expect to do a all the research myself and I only get in contact with specific instructions for price drops, etc. It's pretty painless. But it's about tempering expectations.
  11. Have you been reading what's been happening to full suite passengers being downgraded with the move to the wonder? I would not go in with an even more an unrealistic expectation of having 3 cabins upgraded to match one cabin downgrade to be honest. There are junior with balcony cabins adjacent from deck 6 through to deck 14.
  12. I would have the TA call back and get that option offered. There are more junior suites on wonder than allure and your ta should be able to put in the comments stretches of cabins on each deck that would for your party or work with royal after the moves have been made to reallocate them. it's definitely more likely to work out for everyone.
  13. There's no grand suite on deck 9, only aqua theatre and juniors. you could possibly downgrade to a junior and get adjacent balconies?
  14. I get why OP is frustrated. I'm certainly more particular with group sailings than I am when it's just the hubby and I sailing. I'm grateful in that in the slew of cancellations and rebookings I've only had to manage bookings for us and not our usual groups of 8-16 people. I sympathize, I'm not sure OP will get the resolution they're seeking but they might get offered some OBC to soften the blow. I agree with others that the TA should be fighting the battle and working to have cabins moved. Good luck.
  15. There are more junior suites on the Wonder than the Allure, I would call once the moves are complete and ask to be moved (or sooner), I'm sure there will be full suite passengers who were downgraded to JS who will opt to cancel.
  16. The move from Allure to Wonder seems to have the biggest impact on suite passengers particularly on the TA sailings. I think everyone's situation different and pricing for my initial sailing would play a huge factor in my decision regardless of category. We initially booked a JS on the Explorer for 2020 did a L&S to Harmony then a L&S to Allure. According to our current balance in the cruise planner, the wonder is over $7000 cdn MORE than what we paid just for a JS. If Royal can sell cabins at that much of a higher price point, it doesn't give much incentive to retain existing bookings. I hope everyone is able to get solutions that work for them, it's been almost 2 years of disappointing vacation cancellations and 2022 needs to be better 🙂
  17. Booking numbers remained the same. I got an email but not an updated invoice. The email said an updated invoice would be sent at a later date - my cruise if paid in full. I certainly hope there are no additional costs. It's also been updated in my cruise planner.
  18. Sailing Date: Sep 4, 2022 Date you were moved: Sep 24, 2021 Allure Cabin Category: JS 8240 Wonder Cabin Category: JS 8640
  19. I actually got so excited when I saw this logged into the cruise planner and saw they're still selling dasani for my sailing 😞
  20. I will say I love having a balcony even on port intensive itineraries. We usually get room service for a light breakfast on port days (almost serves as a wake up alarm for the hubby) and have coffee on the balcony in the morning. It's nice to come back and have a drink on the balcony in the evening before dinner and I love the quiet of the ocean at night. in terms of bad locations, I generally like to be between decks of cabins so there's always a risk of getting an obstructed view or being somewhere noisy. However, depending on what you paid it might be worth the risk. We ended up booking a guarantee junior suite for our upcoming February Explorer sailing.
  21. Technically, Nexus lists "access" to TSA precheck as a benefit. You list your KTN on your bookings but we have been successful with all reservations.
  22. We have Nexus, which is a steal at $50 includes TSA precheck and global entry. I love having TSA precheck - makes for a much smoother airport experience, not always faster but definitely nicer.
  23. We have the Explorer booked in Feb 2022 with flights and hotel booked (refundable). We also have the Allure booked for Sep 2022 - and have some excursions booked (also refundable). I'm certainly hoping these trips will be a go, I'm really tired of cancelling vacations because of Covid. I'm trying to enjoy the planning and having something to look forward to. 😊
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