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  1. My brother in law and his family opted to stay. They’ve rode out the last one without issue. Dorian is something else. They lost power around 11pm Sunday and had to be evacuated due to the water surge last night. Grand Bahama has had to evacuate some shelters as well. Talking to him, he’s cool as can be. They’re grateful to be safe and as he says it may take time but we can always rebuild. As inconvenient as this is for travellers, these are people’s homes and livelihoods. It’s terrifying.
  2. Their pricing changes day to day (and sometimes in between). The sales mean nothing. Just know what you're comfortable paying and book when you see it at that price point. Most on here will say to book and cancel/rebuy when there's drop. I typically don't do this and have secured decent rates. This year not so much pricing is going up up up for our November sailing and its doubtful we'll purchase.
  3. We had the best overall experience and service on the independence. Freedom had issues on our particular sailing but it has some great southern itineraries (I'm a huge fan of the ABC islands).
  4. We really enjoyed the JW Marriott Marquis. This trip we're trying the Kimpton Epic.
  5. We did not. It was 49 for the longest then 61 then 55 then 51 then 57 then 55 and now it’s “30% off” at 51. I should have bought at 49 but really I don’t drink that much so held off. My break even sits closer to 42 (my max was 47 because we have 3 sea days and CocoCay). 😞
  6. We're sailing Nov 30th, I figured even that was too close for a Black Friday sale.
  7. It reads no different than previous cruise planner sales. As advised above, ignore the percentage and look at the final dollar amount.
  8. I applied FCCs against our upcoming cruise, they do not appear on our invoice as a payment. They reduced the fare of the cruise by the FCC amount. Down the road if looking at the cost of my cruise it looks like we paid less than we did (but not really because the FCC was never our out of pocket money and it would have expired at the end of this year anyway). I can understand why the OP feels slighted but can understand why Royal feels they were compensated fairly because they are very much applied like a coupon off the fare and not as payment.
  9. For sure, the hubby just did his renewal and I’m due next September. Saved us two hours at Port Huron about 2 weeks ago. Our last flight out of Toronto, I got selected for secondary screening and I realized just how spoiled I have gotten with Nexus and TSA precheck. Love your reviews btw! Following along and looking forward to being onboard Symphony in a few short months.
  10. I’m like you. Even at 45/day, I don’t drink enough but the convenience is worth considering. At $59 it’s a no go and I’ll buy as I go.
  11. How much of a layover did you give yourselves in Toronto? I’ve heard so many nightmare stories of London cancellations/delays so I’m just curious. We always do the drive to DTW or YYZ depending on pricing and availability of direct flights. Our November trip is a drive to YYZ.
  12. Even if this was the case (which is not supposed to be with the unlimited plan), the precedent on previous sailings was a $10 up charge for those with packages not $14. I wouldn’t pay it and I would expect for the cost of the package it be included.
  13. It is really ridiculous that you have to waste valuable vacation time arguing for something that you paid for. Royal Caribbean’s roll out of programs and packages is just awful. The variations between ship to ship, day to day, person to person mean that no one can be sure of what they’re getting. Good luck and please keep us posted.
  14. $15 for last years Freedom of the Seas sailing. Usually we pay $18.
  15. We held off on purchasing because hubby wasn’t sold on the water park and we really do love a nice beach day. 51.99 I’d probably cave and purchase. $60 and up No way. Especially with the cdn exchange rate.
  16. For our November sailing, the water park at Coco Cay was 51.99 for a full day pass (other ships were much less). Coco Cay used to just be a lovely beach day for us so my hubby wasn’t sold on the water park idea so we held off. It is now on “sale” for 88.99 down from 96.99. So Royal has made the decision for us. I’ll now be on the beach for free 😊 The games they’re playing with pricing this year is worse than it has ever been (at least in our experience). It’s leaving a sour taste in my mouth and making it less likely for me to spend the money for the extras.
  17. Our November sailing was 59 no sale, then 49 BOGO 50%, then 59 no sale, then 55 no sale and now 55 BOGO 50%. The price listed is what you pay per person regardless of the banner. I’m actually getting very annoyed at the pricing for the extras (the increase in the water park on Coco Cay alone is double with a “sale”) on our sailing. If there isn’t a decent labour day sale Royal may not be seeing as much of our money as they’re used to lol.
  18. Never have nor would I ever pay that kind of deposit. At most, we've had excursions that sell additional insurance for $25-50 per vehicle.That would be more reasonable.
  19. LMT club has airport hotels those dates between 150-200 and the Holiday Inn Port of Miami for $233. Amoma.com also has hotels in the same range. If you're lucky you can find a refundable rate on a third party site thats cheaper than direct with the hotel and use their price guarantee. Marriott & Hilton not only match by decrease the rate by 25%. Kimpton also price matches.
  20. We have the same issue with 4 hours to kill post cruise in November. We opted for a hotel day pass through Daycation, figured it would be a relaxing way to spend the morning. https://daycationapp.com/e/REEM80UM
  21. We have a room booked precruise at the JW Marriott Marquis which we loved the last time we were there. There’s also a promo at the Kimpton Epic and my understanding is that they’ve recently been updated. which would you pick? The cost is the same.
  22. IHG has a decent promotion right now: https://www.ihg.com/kimptonhotels/content/us/en/stay/special-offers/florida-offer
  23. I wonder if you can book out the escape room and work with the activity team to arrange something. Alternatively, you could do a scavenger hunt. Timing anything so you’re on deck around sunset is instantly pretty and feels special. Central Park at night is so nice. You can also reach out to their weddings department they do a bunch of different romance packages and might be able to help you plan something special.
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