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  1. On 8/20/2019 at 5:20 PM, DJLDRUMS said:

          Thanks to everyone who provided photos and video links to how great looking the transformation on the Summit has now become.

           I have another question that most Elite and Elite+ members should be able to answer that have sailed after the refurbishment. Where is the location of the Captains Club Lounge for the Elite and Elite+ members to be able to sit and have beverages and "pickies" from 5:00-8:00pm.

           If, on a particular sailing and the Captains Club Lounge is full, do they use an overflow area or lounge similar to what Royal does on most of their ships? 

          I know there's a daily three drink load on our sail cards, but would be interested in knowing if the Lounge is still available with the waitstaff as has been in past practice.

           Thanks in advance to those who reply !

    Sky Lounge, Deck 11. No drink limit. Can also get Elite Happy Hour drinks at most bars on the ship.

  2. Frankly, I am finding the constant fluctuations in pricing and promotions have become quite tiring and probably unnecessary. It's usually just a repackaging of the same thing, flip-flop from one promotion to the other. This likely is driving a lot of calls to their call centres which in turn drives up costs.


    Wish they would hold pricing, sprinkling in the odd, TRUE promotion every so often.

  3. 5 hours ago, suec12 said:

    Exactly what I needed - cin cin!

    If you are ok with booking an OV you can still monitor the cruise going forward to see if veranda cabins become available, prices drop etc. You may find down the road that you could move into a balcony for little, if any difference. Particularly around final payment date.

  4. Agree with Wine-O's recommendation. We had a similar situation and wound up taking an OV (3123) instead of our usual Veranda. We were pleasantly surprised.


    One thing to consider though is that if you are searching for cabins through the website they may not be showing you available verandas they are holding for 3 passengers. Try doing a mock booking for 3 PAX and see if anything shows up.


    BTW the Summit is an M class ship.

  5. 4 hours ago, oceangoer2 said:

    yes...I check quite often and don't see fluctuations daily or even weekly, but I do call my CVP on the occasion(s) when they change.  My point was that some posters say their CVP seems to give more attention to their accounts than others do.

    Agree.  It seems that its more luck of the draw, rather than set service standard. 

  6. 9 minutes ago, GRBlizz said:

    So I (apparently unwisely) booked and made final payment on a cruise 80 days out two days ago. Now same cabin class is $400pp less, plus more perks. Nothing they will do, right?

    Believe that you may be able to upgrade if your new payment is at least a $1 more. So may be able to get an upgrade with more perks for minimal upcharge.

  7. On 1/19/2020 at 11:53 AM, oceangoer2 said:

    Well...YYZ neighbour...we've used X reps for many years...I've been very satisfied with them and mentioned how GREAT they were.  In retrospect, I've done all the work, email my request for booking, indicate perks etc and after booking, do all the homework checking cabin reductions, better locations, etc.  Now I'm wondering just how great they've been when I've never been offered any little extra on my behalf, such as mentioned by more than a few posters.  ie:  calling me when there's a price reduction, offering a 'good will gesture' for a bday or special anniversary....other little appreciatives for our loyalty.  Maybe I've been too hard working on my own behalf and should put a little more on the rep to work for me?  BTW, I agree with captains club/ Resolution Desk being very helpful solving issues.  Only had to call twice on rather important concerns which were taken care of right away on that phone call.

    You raise  a good point. What should be the expectations for a CVP? I don't find my CVP to be proactive at all. Not a single call to advise of a new promotion that could work in our favour or discounts on shore excursions etc. Expecting too much? Or time for a new  CVP?


    It seems that the onus is on us to stay on top of promotions and bring it to the CVP's attention who will then act on it. Perhaps they are too busy or they want to (or told to) maintain the revenue if they can. I think it would ultimately improve loyalty if they were more proactive.


  8. On 1/13/2020 at 12:06 PM, Jim_Iain said:

    I really doubt they will fix the mirror problem anytime soon.   Looking at the pictures that were posted it looks like the TV is mounted too much over the table.    We had friends in a SS that would have to go out into the hallway to look at themselves in a full length mirror .

    Surprised that with all the feedback that this has yet to be addressed by X. It's an obvious miss. Besides this board I would think that many who have cruised in this cabin have left comments.


    Perhaps they could consider shifting the TV over to the left on a swivel mount or placing the mirror above the desk to the right of the TV (shifting the drawers of the desk to the left side, if possible). 

  9. On 12/22/2019 at 6:52 PM, Jim_Iain said:

    The plug configuration in the picture is what I have found on the M-Class ships but on Edge they have changed it up a bit.   I don't recall if they upgraded these on the Edgification.   They have a 2 prong Continental European 220v Plug.    They also have 2 USB's.    For the 120v the plug can accommodate a UK 3 Prong Plug, U.S. 3 Prong Plug or Continental 2 prong plug.   


    The problem with these "cute" boxes around the plug is that you can't plug in many plugs depending on the cord / plug layout





    This box would be specific to the Edge class. It wasn't on the revolutionized Summit. 

  10. 2 hours ago, Cruise a holic said:

    Probably an S3 as they are the least expensive and many people prefer the S2 or S1.  Some S3's are in the path or railings of the magic carpet.  But to be in a Suite and get the perks is well worth it!  Enjoy your cruise

    From the deck plan it looks as though "all" the S3s are starboard midship in the path of the MC.

  11. 49 minutes ago, cl.klink said:


    ok … I'll say it.


    Isn't this all a bit of an overreaction?


    - Joel

    Perhaps. However, passengers from Ovation of the Seas were on tours to this volcano. So now being cautious. Likely losing a lot of tour revenue as a result though some may rebook on other ship excursions.

  12. On 12/11/2019 at 12:01 PM, vermonter16 said:

    I also want to add that this price is for a cruise for January 2022.  DH and I are very particular about our cabins so we never book guarantees, etc.  One can always get a better deal in that realm if they aren't picky.  Also - never been in an aft before but we HAVE TO HAVE a balcony.  Have been on Edge and LOVED the ship but was not a fan of the IV.  

    There are a limited (only 36) SVs on this ship. So, if you really want this type of cabin/true balcony I wouldn't wait too long to lock it in. Either go with the non-refundable deposit or pay the delta for refundable.

  13. On 10/21/2019 at 9:19 AM, TeeRick said:

    The best perk is that you can book well in advance, refundable, and not pay for it until final payment date.

    Pay later at final payment date only available for refundable fares. Non refundable (lower cost) fares must be paid in full at time of booking.

  14. 2 hours ago, Turtles06 said:

    There are several design negatives in this cabin.  None would keep us from booking this cabin again, but I do want to mention them.  The biggest flaw was the lack of a mirror on any wall where a blow dryer could be plugged in, particularly over the desk, which is where the main outlets are.   (The blow dryer in fact is stored in the top drawer of the desk.)  This is, in our opinion, an epic design fail.   Yes, it’s clear that Celebrity wanted to center the new flat screen TV on the wall across from the bed.  But who cares about symmetry; on a ship, you need function!  There needs to be a mirror to the right of the TV over the desk, or on the room divider to the right.  This is a case where function needs to trump design.  The only wall mirror is on a wall perpendicular to the closets about 16 feet away from the outlet for the blow dryer, and is thus too far away to be of any use when you are drying your hair and would like to see what you are doing.  


    Either Celebrity or a prior passenger left a small, round makeup mirror in the desk drawer.  While this was better than nothing (especially since we both have short hair), it is not a solution to the lack of a wall mirror, and I think that someone with long hair or using a curling iron would probably have a problem.   I want to add that, according to our next door neighbors in a non-corner FV, there’s a little different set up there.  While they had no mirror over the desk either, they said there was a mirror on the wall in the second room, and that if they stretched the blow dryer cord as far as it could go around the room divider, they could just see the mirror.  Still not ideal.




    (photos by turtles06)

    They should put a proper mirror above the desk like the other staterooms and shift the TV over to the left and put it on a swivel mount.

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