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  1. Very strange. We were able to modify all of our pending bids and inched them up several times. You are able to do so up to 48 hours before sailing (unless the bid is accepted or rejected prior to this).
  2. Just came off the Summit and was in 3123. Very quiet with very little foot traffic. Loved the location too with easy access to the mid-ship elevator and stairwell.The only time we used the elevators were to go up to the buffet and pool. To get to the Tuscan Grill or aft elevator you need to walk across at mid ship and use the starboard corridor where 3112 to 3140 are.
  3. On the cruise we just finished we had an OV and made mid range bids on same ctgys as you. Ours remained in pending status until 48 hrs before sailing when we received notification that they were rejected.
  4. Got our tags successfully from X. If I recall there was an option to do so from Manage Reservation. It was in the same area where you could print your cruise documents. This option disappeared a few weeks before sail date.
  5. Ship: Summit Length of Cruise: 10 days Cruise Sail Date: June 27, 2019 Date email offer received: May 5 Captain’s Club Tier [“PREVIEW” = first Celebrity Cruise]: Elite Booked through Celebrity Direct OR via TA: Celebrity Direct Current Cabin: 3123 Bid? Yes/No: Yes If YES - Bidding Details: Cabin Category: Veranda / Family Veranda / Concierge / Aqua Bid Offer: $310 CAD / $500 CAD / $385 CAD / No bid on Aqua (felt that minimum was too high) Notification Date: June 25 Accepted / Rejected: All Rejected General Comments (offer details, etc.) : Min bids were: Veranda $135 CAD, FV - $205, CC-$270, AQ- $405. Bid more conservatively at outset and increased bids over time as it became apparent that inventory was tight. Thought that our final bids were quite reasonable at 75% of maximum bid and 2.25 to 2.4 times the minimum bid. Bids remained in pending status until today - 48 hours before sail away. Found this all somewhat strange. There was a lot of cabins available through early May so believed that eventually we could upgrade to a veranda at little or no cost. Prices did drop but not enough to make it work. Then cabins sold out very quickly and prices went back up. Were were boxed in and then had to rely more heavily on the move up process. I'm guessing that the availability was too tight to support a lot of move ups for this cruise. Live and learn!
  6. Certainly would have made sense to put these all back to where they were prior to the refurbs. A real head scratcher for X to remove them without replacing them with same or better.
  7. These new deck 10 AQ cabins were recently re-classed as 2C verandas.
  8. Agree. My point was that they likely work to formula instead of awarding arbitrarily. I'm sure the goal is to maximize return.
  9. Do you know this for a fact and have examples of this? My guess is that it is not as arbitrary as you think. I think that there is some sort of algorithm in play here in order to maintain integrity of the program. At least I hope so.
  10. Agreed. Seems like some turn this into a camping trip rather than a luxury cruise, schlepping fold up stools and tables. We could never manage this with airline restrictions on checked and carry-on luggage, nor would we want to. We pay a lot to cruise and such amenities should be provided especially given that they were there (but removed). Odd that X would remove these in the first place and open themselves up to criticism. Perhaps with the negative feedback they will reappear in time. Be sure to continue to mention this on your post cruise surveys and reviews.
  11. Go into cruise planner in your online reservation. At the top of the page click on the link for "Order History" . This will show all the items you have purchased. From here you should have an option to cancel. Credit will be applied to whatever payment method you used either OBC or credit card. If you used OBC it will be credited back immediately. Once cancelled you can reorder it. I did this a while back to rebook shore excursions at a lower price.
  12. Would be interested to see how Celebrity would deal with the Aqua and Concierge Class cabins. They may have backed themselves into a corner given that 63% of the cabins are IVs.
  13. Thank you very much, big help. Assume (hope) that they will also run shuttle this for our cruise as well.
  14. Jim, Looking ahead to Boston would appreciate your feedback as to whether a shuttle (either offered by Celebrity or run by the port) is available to and from the port to Quincy Market/Faneuil Hall area. We have been checking into it for our cruise on the 27th but have not be able to get a definitive answer. We will be in Boston on July 4th. TIA. Barry
  15. True, no bank fee if booked directly thru Celebrity in $CDN or through local TA. However, their fares already have the exchange rate factored in. Celebrity actually converts at a little less than prevailing rates. Currently 1.32 vs 1.34. But if you book through a US T/A which many do, the bank fees would apply.
  16. Could pay another 3% bank fee on top of that so 1.37 to the $US. About 7 years ago the $CDN was at par with the $US. 20-20 hindsight I should have bought more $US at that time to stash into travel/vacation fund.
  17. Sorry for the flack you're getting. Like you I believe the the steward or GS would be able to come up with a footstool or something suitable to accommodate this passenger's physical requirement to prop their foot up.
  18. Why?? Passengers should not have to bring their own solutions on board! If it turns out that there isn't a proper table there, request one. You've paid a premium for that cabin.
  19. Jim, will be interested in you feedback as well. We sail on the Summit the cruise following your B2B.
  20. Perhaps these larger tables were never part of the original floorplan for these cabins but added by request along the way and just left there for others to enjoy. They look as though they were borrowed from other areas of the ship. When these ships were revolutionized everything was likely removed and went back to plan without them. Passengers going forward should try to request them to restart the cycle. Just my thought.
  21. It really shouldn't be necessary for Passengers to bring their own solutions aboard for things that should have been provided in the first place.
  22. They are sleeping or washing up the rest of the time.
  23. It was there for me. You could also access your move up status by following a link in one of your move up confirmation emails.
  24. Assuming you remain on that sailing nothing should happen to your deposit if before final payment. However, if you originally booked with a reduced deposit you may need to pay the difference to whatever the prevailing deposit rate is.
  25. Probably. There are only 36 SVs. The IA & 1B cabins are located either far forward or aft and the balcony, though open, appears somewhat enclosed.
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