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  1. Assume that the lower price you saw was the new "Sail" price which has no perks and non-refundable deposit. If so, your T/A is correct.
  2. It would seem that there are enough threads on this forum about this subject that it is an irritant to many (perhaps not the chair hogs) so perhaps X should take it more seriously. It shouldn't be up to the paying customers to manage.
  3. Been on Caribbean Princess which I believe is similar to Crown. Reflection is far better IMO. You should also check out the CC ship reviews.
  4. We have an OV deck3 for our upcoming Summit cruise. What cabin number did you have? TIA.
  5. Can a case happen when you have secured an SS guarantee and it turns out that there are none available? If that were to occur would you get bumped up to another suite class? For that matter, if you had a guarantee in any other cabin class, would same happen?
  6. The pool butlers just need to do their jobs and enforce the rules. We all pay lots of money for a relaxing, stress free cruise and should not have to be bothered and get involved like this.
  7. Take them off or better still set them up in the same way at a far less desirable location.
  8. I find that the top one "Sail All Included" is somewhat misleading. The 4 "free" perks aren't really free since these cruises also have either lower Exciting Deals or Sail Only fares. Since many of these cruises are past final payment the deposits are non refundable in any case. Basically this is 4 perks for the price of 2.
  9. If you don't mind me asking what was the cost for that insurance and what were the conditions allowed (i.e. standard/ typical conditions or for any reason)?
  10. We too regularly monitor pricing, particularly with booked cruises in the hopper. For our upcoming cruise (past final payment) and one that we have booked for next year the prices increased (like for like) from immediately before to after the pricing reconfiguration April 4. Based on my cases it would seem that X used this rejigging to mask what appears to be a price increase. We have been loyal to Celebrity and would prefer to continue so, however, I feel that with the changes to the pricing options, reaction to Edgification etc. X has woken a sleeping bear. We and it seems from reading this board, other X loyalists are likely more open to researching vacation alternatives
  11. On our upcoming cruise I will gather up all these flyers and place them in a bag. Then I will go to Guest Services and ask them why no crosswords and news summaries. When they give me the stock answer "conservation" I will hand them the bag.
  12. You have the correct understanding of this pricing structure. I briefly checked your cruise and if I am correct the difference between the no perks and 2 perks is only $266 USD per person. In the worst case you could take $150 pp OBC & free gratuities $101.50 pp (14.50 x 7) and come very close to covering the difference and still maintain the refundable deposit. Works out better if you work in beverage package or internet but that would depend on your preferences.
  13. No longer any daily news printouts and there was no longer any news feed/summary on the stateroom TV. Looks like they severed ties to the news aggregators.
  14. Surprised that you could even book the connecting flight with only 30 minutes leeway in the first place. Would have been concerned about checked baggage getting transferred to the connecting flight.
  15. Moving dates/ships before final payment subject to $100 USD per person change fee in case of NRD.
  16. Yes, but OBC & Grats will not come close to covering the price difference between "Sail" and "Sail Plus".
  17. It would seem that unless you take the beverage package adding perks doesn't work to your benefit.
  18. It would seem that unless you take the beverage package adding perks doesn't work to your benefit.
  19. You have up to 12 months to use the future cruise credit or it's forfeited.
  20. Thanks for the response however the analysis/example has no bearing as X no longer offers a refundable 0 perk fare. The perks only have value if it's something we would consider paying for and using. Justifying the beverage perk as you suggested (with specialty coffees) is of no interest to us.
  21. Back to the original subject. The dilemma that we face is that for the 2 perks fare as we do not drink enough to justify the beverage package (Elite gives us Happy Hour & some free internet) we would probably choose the gratuities and 150 OBC which falls short of the difference between the base and 2 Perk fares. So the better deal price wise would be the base fare (adding tips). However, the base fare has only comes with a non-refundable deposit, which we do not like. Hopefully, there will be some booking incentives in the future that would mitigate this i.e. reduced deposits, perk deals, etc.
  22. You are right. I was picking up on the $30 per day the poster used. For us we are Elite and do not drink enough otherwise to make it worthwhile. For 2 perks we would likely take gratuities and OBC which wouldn't come close to covering the $700pp difference in fares.
  23. In reply to Seville2Cabo (post #69) Close to a wash. Figure gratuities at $225 ($15 per day X 15 ) plus drinks $450 ($30 X 15) = $675pp. You do get happy hour drinks with Elite.
  24. Will be interesting to see if X will discount off the base rate for senior or residents.
  25. Really like this tactic and wish that they would stick with it and implement it fleet wide (if not already done). They could reinforce it with a note in the daily. This would take some pressure off the pool butlers.
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