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  1. Back to the original subject. The dilemma that we face is that for the 2 perks fare as we do not drink enough to justify the beverage package (Elite gives us Happy Hour & some free internet) we would probably choose the gratuities and 150 OBC which falls short of the difference between the base and 2 Perk fares. So the better deal price wise would be the base fare (adding tips). However, the base fare has only comes with a non-refundable deposit, which we do not like. Hopefully, there will be some booking incentives in the future that would mitigate this i.e. reduced deposits, perk deals, etc.
  2. You are right. I was picking up on the $30 per day the poster used. For us we are Elite and do not drink enough otherwise to make it worthwhile. For 2 perks we would likely take gratuities and OBC which wouldn't come close to covering the $700pp difference in fares.
  3. In reply to Seville2Cabo (post #69) Close to a wash. Figure gratuities at $225 ($15 per day X 15 ) plus drinks $450 ($30 X 15) = $675pp. You do get happy hour drinks with Elite.
  4. Will be interesting to see if X will discount off the base rate for senior or residents.
  5. Really like this tactic and wish that they would stick with it and implement it fleet wide (if not already done). They could reinforce it with a note in the daily. This would take some pressure off the pool butlers.
  6. If you are concerned you should have the option of selecting seats before final payment directly through the airline, likely for a fee. Or you can pay for the fights. In our case I periodically checked the seat maps and availability and it was wide open so decided to wait until final payment.
  7. Would likely depend on Celebrity's arrangement with the particular airline and fare. In my case I had to wait till payment was made to get seat selection (Air Canada economy).
  8. When I booked my flights I received an email confirming the flight information with the airline file locater. If you don't have this the you could call them at 1-800-533-7803.
  9. Booked through Celebrity for upcoming cruise in June (flights within N/A). Did not have to pay until cruise final payment. Could change and reprice until that time. Pricing for the flights were better than I could find through the airline and other search engines. Celebrity provided free seat selection that I would have had to pay elsewhere (although I could not pick seats until final payment was made). Plus other protections. Would try them again.
  10. I get a light blue banner at the top of the first page to click on to change to the CDN site.
  11. Pricing for our upcoming June cruise on Summit for an OV went up about $100PP (CDN) on the base fare. I also found that the price to add 2 perks (Go Better) increased by about $42 PP ($532-490 CDN). So not only did the price increase, the delta for adding perks also went up a bit.
  12. We booked Edge SV for June 2020 with $25pp refundable deposit. So no risk at this point. Booked primarily for the itinerary (Dalmatian Coast) and less so for this ship. The price though was exorbitant. We will be celebrating our 40th anniversary and are willing to spend more than usual but we are still uncomfortable. We have a lot of time till final payment next year. We will continue to monitor pricing with hope that it will fall to a more reasonable level. In the meantime we are researching alternatives.
  13. Since the AQ cabins are selling for less than your 1A couldn't you upgrade at no cost, assuming you want to?
  14. For our December cruise out of Miami. There was a separate Global Entry line (no kiosk) where we showed our nexus card and passport to the officer. Believe the same for Fort Lauderdale. Mr.T will confirm.
  15. You may want to consider applying for NEXUS. This will allow you to go through Global Entry line. Also gives you TSA pre check. Good for 5 years.
  16. Wonder about those who are currently cruising and were booked on Max 8s for their return flight. Hope they are being accommodated.
  17. How can you tell by looking at the deck plans whether the bed is near the balcony or bath? For cabins 9311 and 10273 where are the beds located?
  18. Both Air Canada (24) and WestJet (13) have 737 Max 8s. So far they have not been grounded. However, Air Canada has had to cancel 737 Max 8 flights to London as the U.K. has banned the aircraft from their airspace. Customers have been moved to other flights. So there is some indirect impact. Should the government decide to ground these planes there would likely be impact on their overall scheduling due to the loss of these planes from their fleet.
  19. You should get your frequent flyer miles. Worse case the you can add it through the airline. You should have their locater number.
  20. The Maitre 'D can look it up on their computer screen.
  21. Yes. There will be a card with your table assignment n your cabin when you board.
  22. Wish they would have kept it more shaded.
  23. In the case of an issue with the first entree or even dislike you should be able to order another or different entree at no charge. Even land based restaurants will do this. Customer satisfaction should always prevail. However, issues could arise with those who may abuse the system that could lead to awkward confrontations between the server and passenger. A slippery slope.
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